Now i would love to apologise(although i don’t know who exactly i’m apologising to seeing as i’ve told no one about this blog) for neglecting my blog as my brother so loudly stated in the last post. I changed my mind about blogging shortly after creating this blog…….o well i’m here now *sheepish grin*

Recently i have taken a liking to cocktails. cant seem to stand anything else. Even my boo JD(Jack Daniels) has been cast to the side. I have tried close to twenty cocktails now and counting….my best so far being the barmans rail. Bloody waiter refused to tell me what was in it kmt. So now i am determined to make my own cocktails(and i dont mean a mixture of random drinks). I’m talking of professional cocktails that actually have recipes.
Today i made my first ever official cocktail YAY!!!. A friend gave me the recipe plus i googled it(God bless Google). The Bloody Mary as the cocktail is called is quite a drink if i must say so myself. Doesnt come anywhere close to my best tho but maybe that’s cos i made it(although i doubt that). I spent a lot of time trying to make the perfect tomato juice. Apparently water is NOT your friend wen it comes to this feat but as you can guess, i had to learn that the hard way. Hopefully tomatoes dont start growing in my backyard(that’s where i poured the failed results). Finally yours truly got her act in order and the best tomato juice ever was born. I salute whoever thought of the name for the drink. PERFECT. so as i type this, i’m sipping on my bloody mary :). Its basically a mixture of vodka, tomato juice, lime, (u could add salt, pepper or sugar depending on ur taste buds) and ofcourse ice.
I am almost tempted to make another batch cos my football(soccer) team is about to play and we have been on a losing streak lately, alchohol is now a necessity. I’m extremely loyal so its kinda impossible for me to desert them so i grin(not so much) and bear it. I mean it can only get better right??

PS: I am told that saying “Bloody Mary” three times infront of a mirror can lead to terrible consequences. “BUllshit” i say 🙂


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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