For those of you who don’t know me personally, this would probably be news to you. My best/fav colour is black followed closely by lilac. I have an obsession with colours. If something about you intrigues me, i am bound to ask you what your favourite colour is. Maybe some other time i’ll talk about the results of my research. Today its all about BLACK.

Dear Sir,

I am of the opinion my best colour has been unfairly treated. I mean most people only think of black when they are going to funerals or want 2 do dirty work. Black is a very sleek colour and should be given a lot more respect. The colour makes me happy(believe it or not). I believe people should be allowed to pick whatever colour depresses them and wear that to funerals. I mean if black makes me happy, why would i want to wear it to a somber event. I would much rather wear yellow. Stupid colour. My friend says i feel this way cos i love black and i’m like DUH!!!. Why else would i dedicate a whole blog post to my ravings. Her best colour is Orange(go figure). The only place i wouldn’t wear black to would probably be my wedding and that is only cos my mother would most definitely kill me. I am also mostly attracted to darker men(YES i am racist like that).
so if you guys will meet and deliberate and let the real world know BLACK is a very nice fellow, i would be most grateful.

Yours Sincerely,
Nono E.


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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  1. Dexter-san says:

    Nice one. I actually laughed. There's a similarity between your writing style and that of Zoe from My Boyfriend is a Twat.I'll wear virdian green and magenta to a funeral (make my eyes bleed). With Yellow shoes. Just saying.

  2. ..Moyo says:

    #sigh.Have I mentioned I love you?Yes. I love black too.And I am quite light in complexion so I like all things dark.I'd eat oreos and not cream crackersIt's that bad 😉

  3. Inem says:

    My best colour is actually brown. There are actually three colours that rock my wardrobe; brown, grey and black.
    These days whenever I want to go shopping for dresses. my mum insists on coming, and anything that has much of a black or brown colour, she makes sure I don’t pick it.
    The other day, I placed an order for a cake, blue and brown colours; the cake arrived with brown and cream, I called the bakery to ask why my order was changed, the lady in charge said she changed the colours because the colours weren’t gurlie. I only let that pass because she is my mum’s friend.
    Whoever said some colours are for males and others for females?

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