The voices we dont hear!!!

Time: 6.00am

He(yes I said he) wakes up. What will a wake up be without a yawn. He yawns. He Stretches. He checks his time. 6.00am. “Mouth has got to be awake”. “Ahhh…yes. I sense him now”. He grins.

Time: 7.00am

He grins. “Water huh??” “When will he learn I’m here to stay??” He shakes his head. “O well….I might as well enjoy myself” “next stop, surfing hehe!!” He spots his huge barlike surfboard.

Time: 8:00am

“Urgghhhh…I hate the smell of this ish”. He shuts his eyes and stops breathing. “It stings, it stings” “:(“. He hears Mouth laughing at him. Apparently he had laughed at mouth a while back when mouth was receiving his own daily torture. He frowns.

Time: 10.30am

The sting has lessened. He now moves about freely multiplying. He hates being lonely. “Hello friends!!” “Who wants to play” He begins his game of tag. Bliss!!!

Time: 12.00pm

“What is that breeze??” They all stretch. Bliss.

Now let’s recap. We are going to go back in time. Pay attention.

Time: 6.00am

Joe wakes up. He yawns and stretches. “Urgghhh what’s that smell??” “I better brush my teeth and get in th shower pronto”

Time: 7.00am

He whistles as he scrubs himself. Bar soap in hand, he attacks his armpits. “Ahhhh water” “:)”

Time: 8.00am

He uses his deodarant. He blows into his palms. Mouth, check!!! He is ready to go to work.

Time: 10.30am

He doesn’t know why he sweats so much. “Arrggghhh!!” He can feel the effect of the deodorant begin to lessen. He tries not to stretch too much. “Damn, this office is HOT!!” He keeps perspiring.

Time 12.00pm

He can’t help himself. He stretches right infront of the fan. “Ooohhh bliss”. He opens his eyes and notices his associates are staring at him. Apparently the room now smells funny. He goes back to his seat and makes a mental note to get a stronger deodorant.

Back at his flat, he gets ready for bed. It was a long day. He yawns. He is tired. He sleeps.
A few minutes later, we hear two little voices.
A: “Goodnight Mouth!!”
M:”Goodnight Armpit”
A:”tomorrow is another day”


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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10 Responses to The voices we dont hear!!!

  1. prettychick says:

    i didn't understand this post at first.. had 2 start reading all over; from the header 2 the end before i could grasp the message you were trying 2 pass across.. Anyways, it's true. sometimes, i wish some parts of our bodies culd…hmmm…aint gonna say.

  2. Olalekt says:

    NONO … nice one like pretty chick said, i no get am at first glance but reading after your recap … makes for a good read aand laugh

  3. lol really nicee dnt undrstand it well thoe hehe

  4. ahh i inderstand it now i really wish some parts cld talk hehe

  5. Issey, Uche says:

    yeaaaaaaa……Nose should have an opinion too now. nice

  6. Kevin says:

    lol…nono is a crazy human being…I actually had to read again to understand what was goin on…nice concept…talking parts of our body…#okbye

  7. Jaycee says:

    I didn't get it to the last few sentences. And then I smiled when I understood. Lol.

  8. Imisi says:

    Great concept! Who woulda thot? But, really, can Joe be having it that bad? Chai! I empathize with the sorry dude. Bye-bye to chixing! LMAO!

  9. Nono says:

    LOL….to those that don't understand, the first timeline belongs to Armpit and the second to Joe himself. To those that did understand, hehe!!! Sharpintuses(TM) 🙂

  10. Vanity says:


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