These tears were made for??

I woke up to the possibility of a beautiful day. A friend was having a pool party and I was invited, my colleagues(for lack of a better word) were going to interview a radio presenter and I was asked to come along, my script writing lessons were finally about to begin and we were having yam for breakfast. I mean, nothing could go wrong right?? WRONG!!!

To make it very simple for the slowest of minds, today was and would probably be the worst day of my life ever. Sad, I can’t go into detail about what happened so please don’t bbm or DM me to ask ’cause it’ll be embarrassing for you when I don’t reply :). It was family related sha and there was a lot of crying involved and talk of being disowned. That’s besides the point though. I’m a lot better now just incase you were wondering and as usual, I’ll hunt for the positive parts of the experience and learn from that. Moving on….

Why exactly do we cry?? Please don’t say its ’cause we are sad. I mean why do we cry when we are sad? What exactly does it achieve?? I have been thinking about this since morning. I couldn’t come up with an answer so I’m throwing it back to you guys. I think its a very useless ability. It just makes you look terrible(case in point, that Nigerian actress with big lips that is always crying). It draws attention to you and you lose valuable body fluids. Its not as if after all the crying, you are assured of getting your way. Some parents even get angrier when you cry. I even checked the holy book and I didn’t find anything in there about crying. I just asked my cousin and she said “crying is a healing balm”. Hmmmm….that’s serious food for thought for me sha. There was no healing taking place today.

So seriously guys, why do we cry??


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I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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8 Responses to These tears were made for??

  1. SkinnyLegs says:

    simple version-our tear ducts respond to emotional stimuli

  2. Lol its a hormonal thing i guessit just comes!..and our bodies respond…

  3. i think i agree wiv swagger miss. it's a thing of the mind.

  4. Chari says:

    The answer is the same as…"Why do we squeal or groan when we hurt" or "Why we scream/moan/groan/bleat like a goat when we orgasm" It is a natural response and dates back to infancy where we could not communicate and crying to get attention was all we could do. Hence, the brain hasn't forgotten and that by some convoluted reason solution will come when we cry. Sometimes when we cry we release pent up emotions…and a release leads to a healing… Yeah soo… hence the tears… When tears come… They should be let go of…

  5. mrwiseone says:

    Sorry you had a bad day.Glad you're better :DWhen extremely pissed or frustrated, crying does provide some sort of relief (outlet). Granted it makes us look like crap but as the other comments have said, "it leads to healing"I dont think theres anything wrong with crying. Tears are powerful…for the person crying, relief.the love one witnessing, compassion & sympathy.I still remember the last time I cried, it wasn't too long ago and it felt good 🙂

  6. eneni says:

    Thank God u feelin better. Read smwhere d@ its bin proven d@ wen we cry certain neurotransmitters r released in our brain 2 make us feel beta. So mayb our body senses dis change in emotions n feels d need 2 produce tears 2 correct it.

  7. prettychick says:

    sorry oh..i knw it's coming in late sha…seems i ws away frm dis blog for a long tym…we nid 2 tlk asap……..

  8. Stephanie says:

    Those fluids aren't wasted, they also clear ur eyeballs. That aside, crying reduces the weight of sad feelings on you…u know how u feel lighter when u've shared a problem wiv sme1?? Crying is like sharing it amongst ur various selves:ur mind…spirit…and body…so its relieving. Okbye.

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