From the mouth of the people 2.

The scene is a radio station’s studio. They are about to go live with the afternoon’s program. In the studio are five women seated with microphones and the appropriate equipments set and ready to go. They are going live in 5,4,3,2,…………..
Sarah: Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the second episode of from the mouth of the people.  I’m Sarah your host and with me here in the studio are Ivy, Bola, Yetunde and Uduak. *Everyone says hi*

Sarah: Today’s topic borders on the male body type. what are we attracted to? I would like to at this point ask all the underage viewers to please go read a book or something. If u choose to continue, you must be over the age of eighteen. ok so ladies which  male body type are you most attracted to?

Uduak: I would have to say a tall dude. Taller than me and i’m 5″10 so….

Sarah: Skinny, Slim, buff, fat, broad???

Uduak: Buff

Sarah: Any particular reason?

Uduak: well i’m not particularly skinny so it works for me.

Sarah: That makes sense. So does this mean you can never get attracted to a skinny dude?

Uduak: Nahh!! I’ve dated a skinny dude

Sarah: And…..??

Uduak: Nothing. It was cool. lasted 9 months in fact

Sarah: ok. can you repeat it or are you done with the “skinnies”??

Uduak: Lol! Nah! don’t matter really. if we click, then all’s gravy

Sarah: ok. So we’ve gone through buff and skinny. Can you date a fat dude?

Uduak: lol! yea. like what fat?

Sarah: hmmmm………like a bit fatter than Shaq

Uduak: If he is broad and big. i don’t mind. he has to be tall though.

Sarah: So who would you say has your ideal body??

Uduak: Lebron James

Sarah: Nice! Bola what’s your take on the topic?

Bola: Well i would have to say i’m more into skinny dudes

Sarah: why??

Bola: well…I’ve never been into the whole “ooo girl, he has muscles” facade. I’m not a big fan of dick but when i do, i love my men taller than me and skinny. They tend to be easy to “play around” with and it’s not a myth ’cause they have better looking dicks lol. Generally, it’s an attraction thing for me. All my long term crushes are skinny. I’m not prejudiced but yellow boys don’t do it for me either.

Sarah: lol! interesting… if you were to pick your ideal body, whose would you pick?

Bola: I loved 2pac’s body. he was skinny but cut. Allen Iverson is fine too. i think he got bigger though.
Senavoe and Adonis are delicious looking too.

Sarah: Thank you Bola. Yetunde what do you think??

Yetunde: I like the big and buff looking guy

Sarah: Why??

Yetunde: Protection

Sarah: lol!! so you like the bodyguard looking dude

Yetunde: You can use that term

Sarah: So does that mean if a skinny dude were to approach you you wouldn’t be interested?

Yetunde: i guess….i’m just biased towards bigger guys that’s all.

Sarah: So you can date a fat guy?

Yetunde: Fat ke? err…no. i think not.

Sarah: lol! what if the dude was like extremely fine?

Yetunde: Fat guys aren’t fine in my mind. i’ll never see a fat person and think he is fine.

Sarah: LOL!! seen. so basically you are allergic to fat??

Yetunde: No. I just meant he may be fine but i wont be able to get past the fat.

Sarah: So who would you say has your ideal body?

Yetunde: Dunno! definitely not Rick Ross though

Sarah: LOL!! ok Ivy what do you think??

Ivy: i like skinny guys

Sarah: why? any particular reasons?

Ivy: well…..three skinny men i’ve had as boyfriends(ex now) are larger and better i think. I like really skinny. Like the kind of skinny where one arm of mine can go around his waist. i’m kinda on the fleshy side so i prefer a mix. So we just don’t both look round together. Skinny men just strike me as easy.

Sarah: By easy you mean?

Ivy: I mean they are more of listeners than talkers. for me, more patient. I also think they shouldn’t be underestimated. They ain’t weak. It’s easy for a lady even after marriage. if you want him fatter, pump him with food. Slim, maintain him.

Sarah: That’s quite an interesting contribution. ok it’s time for calls now. You know what to do(leave as comments).Hope you’ve been enjoying the segment so far…..

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I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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9 Responses to From the mouth of the people 2.

  1. Mz.T says:

    I'm firsttttt!!!!!Woohoo!!!That was entertaining! I just like cute guys πŸ™‚

  2. juiceegal says:

    Buhahahahahaha this cracked me up, skinny dude + fleshy babe = Premature death for the guy o…lwkmd #Okbye

  3. D33 says:

    Lol…Nice.But who is batting for the in-betweeners?

  4. Chiji_Eke says:

    This is caller number….. I'm waiting for the episode were guys get 2 address such lady issues.

  5. sapphirechic says:

    Errr…….ok. Lemme just say this first. Let's remove the overweight/sweaty/Moobs- man boobs/Moustachie/oily faced/short/afro wearing guys. Okay. Good. I'm yellow or so they say so Dark guys always do it for me! I like a lean,slightly muscular body,I think they r called athletic……don't want a bodyguard type for a man! I'm not skinny nor fat so I'm rooting for the in-betweeners! They work for me cos we compliment each other! I'm 5'11 so he's gotta be taller or the same height.His celeb look alike wld be oh drat! I can only think of Usher and that one sef is starting to look like a bouncer! But u get me sha! Over and out!

  6. Lol Slim not skinny works for me tho…and yeah the height too he has to be tall and cute too πŸ˜€

  7. Kevin says:

    This is Kevin from Lagos.Interesting topic tho, considering I can't comment on it unless I was gay, which I'm not. Just wanted to ask Sarah when we would have a broadcast for this same issue but about girls.Ai.

  8. M'arrow says:

    Hi! This is Maro from KSI, Ghana.I'm light-skinned, so i go with Dark(I like contrast!)Really Tall(I like it when I see Jada Pinkette nd Will Smith 2getha-like I said i like contrast -I'm nt saying Im that short tho'..)Slim/no facial hair/fresh2def!'Uber'cute!!! :)(P.S I'm nt yet 18,…buh definitely not 'underage'! πŸ˜› )

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