From Grace To Mangoes

He watched silently as the others got taken out for a breath of fresh air. Some of the older ones returned but the younger ones hardly ever came back. How envious he was. He remembered the days people had struggled for him. He had been so young and pristine then. Now he was old and barely able to keep track of his body parts. The things he had been a witness to….the people he could implicate. No one seemed to care. *sigh*….He drifted off into one of his ever so frequent daydreams about the old days….

*slap*…that was always his earliest recollection. A hot slap on his face that must have left an imprint. It had jolted him to reality as he tried to survey his surrounding. He was in a really tight space with a bunch of others. His first breath had been all types of clean not the nonsense he was forced to inhale nowadays. He had been put into a really clean room where he had tried to know his peers. He remembered the following words being said “oga wants you to mobilize those boys immediately. You know what to do” as his location was being changed. He had no idea where they were going but he wasn’t bothered as long as he wasn’t alone. The next thing he remembered was being singled out of the bunch and given to a man in black uniform. He cried and yelled but the others left him there. Thus began his lonely journey.
He lived with the uniformed man for a while before the man took him to church and dumped him there. He wondered what he had done and he yelled but the sound of the singing going on had drowned him out. He had looked around and seen all sorts. All strangers as far as he was concerned so he kept to himself. Most of the things that had happened after the church had been lost to his aged mind but some experiences could not be forgotten. He chuckled as he remembered one of the couples he had stayed with. Talk about insatiable. “Agro” had nothing on the wife mehn! She was getting it on with both her husband and the male “ekaette“. Husband had no clue. He sometimes wondered if the husband ever found out. He got sent to another home before that ever happened.
He had witnessed men plot evil against others, children steal from their parents, politicians get bribed etc and he had escaped all this unscathed until that wedding. The wedding that made him all but useless to everyone else. Now they all rejected him like he was a leper. He had been rescued from the wedding stampede by a young woman who had attempted to carry out some plastic surgery on him before bringing him to his current residence. This dirty dump where the air alone had all but killed him. Granted it wasn’t all edges. There was quite a lot of “foam” but he had been in far better places.

He was jolted out of his daydream by a rush of fresh air. He opened his eyes and he was outside. He had only just begun to breathe before he heard “madam no be the same fifty naira wey u bin try give me last week be that? The masking tape don brown finish. Abeg troway that money” and he was shoved back into the “comforts” of Iya Basira’s bra.

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About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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40 Responses to From Grace To Mangoes

  1. Akin says:

    Best piece I’ve read in a while…I had to read it thrice to understand. You have a very beautiful mind.

  2. bbb says:

    Nono this was so beautiful
    Your writing should be commended

  3. Tunji says:

    WOW. I love the way we are all lead to believe he is a houseboy or a hawker till the last paragraph. Nice One Nono, Nice. 🙂

  4. tpere says:

    In an attempt not to embarrass myself I’ll act like I understand… Lol but hey someone read it thrice to get it so unto my second reading

  5. I get it. Fifty naira note. Lol. Eyahhh.

  6. thetoolsman says:

    Only have one question as you already know I’m in love with your mind… Can I just have her for a day? Don’t mind sharing too..:)…lol… Seriously though… I totally love love this.. Love the journey.. Well written ..

  7. phoenixx says:

    At first i was like, wth am i reading? then i got to the last paragraph and im like “oh! i get it!!”.. thats awesome… really nice.. sorry tpere, lets know when you arrive eh

  8. marrow says:

    apparently, i’v known the workings of Nono’s mind to have figured ths out even from my first read! 🙂 Plus ‘the uniformed man’ just happened to be a clue for some reason!↲Nyce 1 Nono!

  9. nenny says:

    Gud one. Couldn’t figure w@ u were talkn bout till d end.

  10. joeyKrack says:

    Had to read it about 3 times to knw u were talkin about 50naira. Sweet piece. Mooore

  11. iScreem says:

    I’m quite impressed, I had to read again after I got a better understanding in d end. It cudda passed as a story of a young man living a homosexual life(IMO) since he wasn’t the ‘ekaette’ and being singled out to the police man etc. A good writer keeps u glued till the end. Thumbs up ☺

  12. mide8701 says:

    nice 1 babes !!! 50 naira toh bad

  13. Kafilat Umar says:

    Wow! Lovely piece…u ave to be a really good writer 2 cook up dis..I’m really impressed..thumbs up!

  14. Chiji_eke says:

    This is splendid…
    I had to read Tunji’s comment n d last paragraph again to grasp what you were talking about…

  15. KofoSwag says:

    Kai this piece was cool.didn’t even get until d end….ur mind’s beautiful.
    Lol @ iScreem ‘yung guy living a homo life’ dead

  16. Zee says:

    kai! I wonder what story N20 will now tell…. na cry we go cry for am sef

    Nonostical Nono….

    nice one :o)

  17. Eno-Obong says:

    Beautiful post, was lost at the beginning but when I got to the end, it got me smiling. Thumbs up Nono 🙂

  18. 'Lara says:

    Got the gist in the end, this is beautiful

  19. OluremiTheFish says:

    Agreed, I’m not as intelligent as I think I am, i read this a couple of times and of course the comments earlier posted helped me the last time.

    This is wonderful

  20. TheSoundSmith says:

    This just goes to sho that υ can bring anything to life if υ choose… Best piece íve read in α while 🙂

  21. Dee says:

    I like your mind,good read.

  22. Zara says:

    before I got to the last paragraph, i was wondering why Nono was on some modern day enslavement steez… till i saw plastic surgery and i was like.. “ah ah!”..

    sha sha.. great read. I sure didn’t have to read it more than once (:P @ those who did), but I did read it more than once anyways. Don’t blame me! i enjoyed it.

  23. StephanieIj says:

    I just kept thots were:- a Maid,the tummy/boobs(when I saw plastic surgery) and Love.

    Woooow, nice read Nono!

  24. Bdon says:

    Genius…one read is all I needed. I’m still smiling

  25. ngeezee says:

    Very original piece. . . . i thought twas a puppy turned guard dog 🙂

  26. seun says:

    Nono , u have killed me … wish i could write like u … gonna come for lessons … ur friend on sabbatical (guess u knw its me now )

  27. Loved your post!

    hehe and mangoes ha

    ❤ Kel

  28. deddyboy says:

    wow!!!!, i really loved this, had to get to the end to figure it out. Nice one

  29. isantonio89 says:

    Wow! A fantastically written piece although I dnt grasp wot u were tlkin abt till I gt 2 d end. Then it dawned on me nd I ws like “omg” nd gave myself a light tap on d head 4 nt booting on Weldone. kip it up. Who knows? Time Magazine might jst hire u.

  30. Kevin says:

    Beautiful…Beautiful…I must confess I read twice to realize it was a 50 naira note…Good fantastic stuff…

  31. mrwiseone says:

    Wow. Thats awesome miss.

  32. All this while I was reading a fifty naira note like it was a Man?…splendid work. You’re a good writer and the suspense was outstanding. Nice one.


  33. oyindamola says:

    Wonderful piece! Loveee it! 😀

  34. Yolanda says:

    Beautiful, extremely creative, educative and entertaining, a work of art. Makes u wonder what wonderful stories little things wld tell if they cld lol

  35. yinka obebe says:

    This is absolutely brillant…had no clue until u revealed.

  36. DR 4M KAMP KLINIK says:

    SICK! [i mean it as a compliment] however, see me for check up, i think i have drugs to keep u this way to every one’s pleasure.

  37. Meena says:

    Wow!!!!! Nice one! I LOVE! I LOVE!! I LOVE!!! ✓ ✓ ✓

  38. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect! 🙂

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