Respect your band!!!

They say trouble seeketh those that findeth it(ok no one actually says that but you get my drift). I’m a huge exception to this “made up” rule. Trouble has my address. I’ve changed it a couple of times but dude is persistent mehn. A while back at work he came for a routine checkup.

Dude: Heyy
Nono: Heyy
Dude: bla bla bla bla……. do u guys sell invitation cards for weddings?
Nono: Nah we don’t. You getting married?
Dude: yea.
Nono: well the shop at the end of the corridor should have some. it’s a gift shop. Congratulations by the way.
Dude: thanks. *leaves shop*
……………….5 mins later………………….
Dude: *comes back* they didn’t have any
Nono: o! sorry.
Dude: can i have your number?
Nono: err…..*hands him business card*
Dude: is your personal number on there?
Nono: nope
Dude: I want your personal number
Nono: Why??
Dude: *smiles* No reason
Nono: ok.Β  gives him number( i have to say curiosity is my best friend).
Dude: it was nice meeting you. *leaves shop*

Now i called theΒ  dude trouble for obvious reasons. What exactly could a guy who was about to get married have to talk about with me and he had that look you guys always have when you see something you fancy(yea you’ve got a look. best believe). Now i could only hope he had an equally hot brother he wanted to hook me up with ’cause anything else would have been completely unacceptable. The whole scenario reminded me of a similar situation i was in about two years ago. Dude was actually married and he used the whole ruse of ordering something for his wife to get my number. Now if a dude tells you he wants to be calling you to check up on his wife’s business, you won’t suspect anything. Little did i know dude had a personal agenda. Why are people never content with what they’ve got. In my opinion people are in relationships/married by choice. Being single is always an option. Why do you get yourself “saddled” with a wife or girlfriend if you are not willing to accept the responsibilities/ mode of conduct that comes with that? I once asked my randy married friend what exactly he saw in these other women that his wife didn’t have. He laughed so hard and told me “Nono don’t get it twisted o. i love my wife die but she is the mother of my kids now and there are some err…..things i want to do that would just be weird if i did it with her”. I was all huh???? I’m sure his wife would have done whatever he wanted in a heartbeat if it meant she was the only one that got to see his private region.
I know of two women that have gotten AIDS from their husbands. I mean they never suspected their husbands were cheating on them and of course didn’t use condoms. One of the women is dead now and the man is struggling to take care of the kids while at the same time getting treated. i don’t think he has a lot of time left. What exactly will happen to the kids i wonder. All because daddy couldn’t keep his junk in the trunk. A friend of mine lost her dad in some run down hotel with no address because the poor man’s heart gave out while he was with his err….much younger companion. Imagine how the whole family felt? I still see her mum and i feel so sorry. I think the problem is that everyone thinks they are James Bond. Walking around with the whole “i will never get caught” mentality(even Bond got caught). Getting a rush from something they deem risky/daring. Now some are lucky and don’t contact anything ’cause best believe at some point, your partner will be on to you but others are not so lucky. Is the adrenaline rush really worth the repercussions???
Lock up. If this is an impossibility, then please suit up. Respect your band.

PS: this post is for all o!! Before the male folk crucify me LOL!!!


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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25 Responses to Respect your band!!!

  1. seun says:

    This is one sided what about the ladies that play the field even though they are hooked ??? At least in the past 6months 3 married ladies (young) though have hit on me .

  2. Bonnie says:

    Confess Nono, the guy must have been a cutie for you to give him your number. Did he ever call though?

    Its the blasted 80/20 rule. You see someone who is 80% of your ideal person cos no one can be 100. You get married/in a relationship, live happily till you see 20% sashaying by. And thats all you can think of, dream about, see. Its all you want cos well, 80 isn’t going anywhere right? wrong! Epic fail is when you make 20 a reality. Then you realize it doesnt compare to what you already have. Greed i tell ya. my 2 cents

    @seun, get your own blog and write from the other side no?

  3. ZeroTolerance says:

    Its both ways. When I was with my ex, her childhood frnd was hitting on me. I cheated then later on she tells me she only did it cos of my ex. Don’t know how that makes sense

    What’s most interesting about this is that u gave him your number. To any guy, that connotes interest. That’s how girls end up in love with married men.

    Here’s a real quote for you – “Flee from all appearance of evil”


  4. James Johnson says:


  5. chiji_eke says:

    Nono as true as this blog is, e get as e be o… πŸ˜€

  6. Oyindamola says:

    Why is jibola smiling now? *rme* Nice piece nono.. Although you never did say if the guy called or not and what he said πŸ˜›

  7. Nice one…you always write good and I always enjoy the laid back nature of your write. Keep it up!


  8. StephanieIj says:

    Exactly oh… Thass how Nono just cut the story short.
    When you love someone you don’t on em..yeh yeh…but I doubt that’s how it works with men least most of em… Really dunno why doe…just respect your lady really..and act responsibly.

  9. Zee says:

    all I can do is laugh in pidgin :- khia khia khia khia khia khia khia khia khia….

    oturukpeke oooooooooo

  10. joeyKrack says:

    I suppose comedy time is over then. *sigh*….Anyway what I feel is the reason most men cheat all boils down to greed. It is in our very nature to take over anytin we even suspect mite be attractive to anoda person. Also no man is ever really satisfied with anything. Everybody always wants Ξ¬ little more of everything be it money, cars, women, clothes. Not really because we need it. Just because we are all just trying to feel that empty hollow within us with anything and everything.

  11. Hypnos says:

    When is part 2 of this story coming up?

  12. marrow says:

    er…u dint complete the ‘trouble story’ tho’! I wantd more πŸ˜€
    Anyways, this is one interesting piece! I guess errthing is jst related to d fact dat man is just NEVER SATISFIED! (by ‘man’ i mean both sexes). I guess greed is all part of our human nature…apparently d diffrnce btwn ppl who cheat nd dose dat dont lies within d ability of d latter to ‘surpress’ dis ‘dissatisfaction’.
    Nyce one Nono! Keep ’em coming!!
    Merry Christmas, btw! πŸ˜€

  13. Umoefik says:

    lmao!! didn’t know this kind of thing still happens smh
    ermmm nono did he call?? lol gist us na πŸ˜€
    nice btw

  14. thetoolsman says:

    hmm.. Nono… good thing you put up that lil disclaimer at the end..
    Crazy world we live in and NO its not just us guys on the dishing
    out side, married women going after guys is on the rise. Maybe its
    about them trying to play catchup with the men or generally, the moral
    standards of the human race has just totally evaporated….
    Good post…. oh and this ——- > we want more….lol

  15. Tunji says:

    (Y). . .I Get Why It Seems One Sided, Its From Your Perspective, Much Deeper Than The Title Would Suggest. #OperationHoldBodyOrStrapUp

  16. Ymah-bee says: still on d part where u gave him ur number o..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. The fact that you know someone who died of AIDS because her husband cheated makes this post more real to you. And I like that it’s based on what you’ve seen. Someone said it best, this is what happens when greed gets the best of men. Wanting to see the grass on the other side, when in fact it’s not greener pastures.

  18. sapphirechic says:

    *what Bonnie said* Shikena!!!

  19. Sweetie says:

    Totally agree wiv Bonnie. Nice post dear. xx

  20. AeeDeeAee says:

    sigh…i cant even begin to count how many married dudes have hit on me…sigh…It’s a very sad situation. and they mean no harm! can you fathom that? I cant…

  21. SoundSmith says:

    (Y).. If some men could have had the chance to read this,, it would have saved them a lotta STD’s… πŸ˜€

  22. Lanre says:

    too mush sense is worrying u dis gurl o!!ahnahn..infact, ayam jealous!!how cum u cum up wit d smartest tins n i jus cum ere 2 read?? *lookin 4 my pen & paper* ITS ON!!lolz good stuff, huni..keep up d good work

  23. isantonio89 says:

    @Zee killed me with “khia khia khia” nd oturukpekpe(meaning unknown)…laughed my head nd ass off. bck 2 d matter at hand, dis is actually true… a married banker ws hitting on me d oda day. d worst part is dt he’s my mum’s friend. he had pictures of his family sitting rite there on his table while he ws askin for my number.!!!! love that u put a disclaimer @ d end cos it’s actually a 2 way’s just that women tend to be more covert than their male counterparts.

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