So you think you can think???

They all stood with their hands on their head. No one could explain it. The shop girl that had come in first that morning was being questioned by her madam. It was one of those scenes you just wanted to photograph for the raw emotion. On the counter was a MI2(the movie) cd with the fuck you sign drawn beside track14 in red lipstick. In the middle of the already crowded boutique was a mix of metal, black and cream plastic. Now that wasn’t the mystery. They had already determined the mess on the floor was what was left of the stereo set mixed in with what was left of a mannequin. What gave them all great worry was how the mess had come to be. Nobody could come up with an explanation that made any sense. All of them wondered if the mannequin had gotten up at night and attacked the stereo set but damn if any of ’em was gonna voice that opinion. No siree!! So they all stood there and wondered………

Now here is the interesting part. In the spirit of christmas, I’ll be giving a gift to whoever can come up with the most interesting/creative scenario that will lead up to the aforementioned state of bewilderment. Since this is a blog post, I’ll give y’all my scenario. Goodluck beating it :p.

The previous day……….

She woke up with a jolt(or something akin a jolt). It felt like it was going to be a great day. She took great care dressing up. Today she was finally gonna meet him. They had been tweeting at each other for a while now. She was excited and every part of her said so. She felt like red so she put on a red top, black pants and red based make-up. She was ready.

*sound of car trying to start but failing miserably*
“NOOOOO Not today of all days. C’mon baby! Don’t let Mama down”. Another try, no luck. “*sigh* looks like I’ll have to take a cab”

20mins later……..

She was impatient. She couldn’t afford to be late. “Where are all the cabs for pete’s sake?” She tried hailing a bike but it was as if once the bike man saw her arm stretched out, he stepped on th accelerator. When this happened consecutively three more times, she knew it was time to stop before she got even more embarrassed(if that was possible). Luckily for her, an empty taxi approached and she jumped in immediately. Bargaining was the farthest thing on her mind.
“The palms lekki pls”
“2,500 o!”
“ok….just go”

The palms parking lot….
A phone call was being made..
“hello! Are u there yet?”
“yes I am. Where are you?”
“I’m almost there. My car had a problem this morning and it took me ages to find a taxi”
“o ok! What are u wearing? I want to be able to recognise you”
“lol! You’ve seen my avatar na. Ok I’ve got on a red top and black trousers”
“seen! Ok I’m waiting”
“ok! See u soon. Can’t wait”

5 mins later……..
The taxi pulls into The palms….
She pays and steps out.
She walks towards the KFC in the mall.
At the entrance, some dude bumps in to her in his hurry to get out.
“Heyy watch where you’re going”
“sorry” he mumbles
The voice sounded familiar but she let it go.
She scans the eatery for her “date”.
No where to be found
She calls him
Switched off….
She tries again
Still switched off
She takes a second to think……it comes to her
“fucking bastard”
She feels the tears coming…
She runs out of KFC and in to the nearest shop which happens to be a boutique.
“We don’t have your size ma”
“I want to use your toilet”

Sometime that night…….
The power comes back and the stereo comes on. She is still in the toilet. Apparently the sales girls in the boutique totally forgot about her(shocking) and locked up without making sure the boutique was empty.
MI’s imperfect me is playing from the sterio…
“Love let’s me to be
Imperfectly me
Love let’s me to be
Imperfectly me”

All she can hear is hahahahahahahahahaha.
She stumbles into the store room and finds the broken mannequins. “Imperfect us huh? Where th f%&k is the love??
She grabs one of th broken arms and attacks the stereo set……the rest is history.

Now beat that if u can. MUHahahahahaha!!! :p
Yea…she left th fuck you sign with her lipstick on track14(imperfect me)…duh!!!!!

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About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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25 Responses to So you think you can think???

  1. BBB says:

    Lmao, the guy ran when he saw her! There’s always that fear when u are meeting someone from the virtual world for the first time, poor girl,
    I’m going to think up my own scenario

  2. OMG no need to beat anything!! I love this 🙂

  3. Phury says:

    hahahahahahah… this is so cool… so fucking cool…lol

  4. Eno-Obong says:

    hahaha…..poor babe! Dude is mean sha, I suck at writing so this competition is obviously not for me *sobs*

  5. doynoyesanmi says:

    I really felt 4 d chic o.:(

  6. chiji_eke says:

    Whoever wants to beat this would have a hard time…. Poor gurl!

  7. Mz.T says:

    Love it! No better story, but a lil glitch in yours. They would have seen her in the store when they opened up na! Abi?

    • Nono says:

      No jo! She hid and calmly walked out in th chaos. With th amount of people that rushed to the scene of the “crime” after th shop girl’s cries, it wasn’t difficult.

  8. ymah-bee says:

    Okay..nono!! I feel d girls pain own story is ‘a comet passed..a minute of magic set in..d mannequin came to life and destroyed d stereo ..bcos some weeks back ‘jim iyke’s album has been on repeat!! beat that!!! Nice write-uo!

  9. Sweetie says:

    Rotflmao @ ymahks commnt!! Hilarious. Hmmmm, tryna cme up wiv sumfin. Ds myt tke a yl. Hw long do we have? Forever nd a day? Pls say yes. Lmao. 9ce write up tho.

  10. Zuriel_B.Barbie says:

    Love the story!
    Eiyah! I feel for the poor girl! No lady should be treated in that manner!
    Yeeesss… And the perfect scenario??? Hehe,I’ll just play it safe and go with urs… The author can’t be wrong nah?

  11. James Johnson says:

    Lol…beautiful piece..

  12. jayeolapapingo says:

    Poor lady…so I tried coming up with a perfect scenerio,but the ‘imperfect me’ couldn’t come up with any story as perfect as yours…and lmao @ “we don’t have you size ma” dats so mean

  13. ezra olubi says:

    Nobody says lol during a phone conversation…except me.

  14. Breezi says:

    Loool.. Oh my! Wait, wuz she an Albino? 😐

  15. Tunji says:

    She Be OROBO O, Okadas Dodge Her, Shop Attendants ‘Notify’ Her Quickly & The Guy Suspected Same & Bolted. Funny Scenario & Reasoning (Y). Also, My Thinking Cap’s @ The Laundry, Spare’s In Skl :|.

  16. Jibola says:


    Nono y’ain’t okay AT ALL!!!

  17. AeeDeeAee says:

    Nono, i have just one word for you:

    Jeeeeeeeez! I cant beat that..LMAO! Heefackinglarious!

  18. Zwan says:


  19. StephanieIj says:

    Demi Moore had just been given the lead role in this new screen play by Fred Amata who intended to show case the Nigeria film industry as a suitable place for Foreign Direct Investments….The Palms being as organized at it is but in an insanely bustling lagos was an awesomely suitable location… as the movie title was Unusual Perfection.Twas strictly Nigerian music from Asa, Mi and all.. Last day on set and everything goes on so well…everyone’s wifey/husband/significant other is here so a dinner at News cafe was a perfect finish.We all know how Demi’s husband gets up to no good wherever he is…

    So in the spirit of Christmas, I might just share my gift with anyone who comes up with the most creative scenario to how Ashton Kutcher got into that particular shop Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡

  20. StephanieIj says:

    Lmao Nono thass my own prelude oh…

  21. Oyindamola says:

    Lmaooo @ we don’t have your size ma! Mean! Err my own scenario : the shop girl did it! She’s got MPD(multiple personality disorder) Crystal the destructive alter did it. okbye! 😐

  22. One word “Thrilling”…I enjoyed every bit and trust me, you write fantastic.


  23. ayeesha says:

    Haha! Now this is hilarious… Poor girl. Avatars and the issues they can cause. Nice 1!

  24. Umoefik says:

    just reading this! Nono u r a good writer/blogger thumbs up! 🙂

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