Mrs Musa’s Assignment.

Chai! I’m sorry I’m only just updating my blog and with such a random post too. I’ve already punished myself for not updating regularly. Let’s enjoy the randomness(I’d add for a change but I’d just be lying) lol!

Mrs Musa was the class teacher for Primary five Casper in Springfield Nursery and Primary school. She considered herself an excellent teacher and believed strongly in giving assignments. She felt the children understood better when given home work. Today’s assignment was on essay writing. The class grew quiet as she wrote the question on the blackboard.

Write an essay on your life after school today. The following words/their meanings should be relevant in your essay: Obedience, Dishonesty, Impatience, Rudeness, Kindness, Trade by barter, Justice, Temptation, Finished.

“I will read out a randomly selected essay in class tomorrow so make sure your essays are good. Class dismissed”.

Next day……..

Everyone has submitted their essay and Mrs Musa randomly selects one. Its by Pius the quiet boy at the back of the class. She begins reading….

My mother picked me up from school today. As she was trying to come out of the school gate and on to the road, a man in a red car stopped for her to drive out(Kindness). There was traffic on the way home and as we were slowly moving along, the car behind us hit us(Temptation). Mummy settled it and we started moving. A begger came to beg us for money to eat and mummy gave him. When he left and I looked back, I saw him buying pure water(Dishonesty). Since our lane wasn’t moving, mummy decided to enter the other lane. That is when our old lane started moving(Impatience). I was talking to mummy when the policeman from our junction stopped us, interrupted me(Rudeness) and started talking to mummy. She gave him fifty naira and he let us go(Trade by barter). We got home and found out there was no light. Mummy said “these NEPA people should bring light jo” and immediately there was light(Obedience). As we were having dinner, daddy told mummy that the policeman that stood at our junction, the same one who was rude to me earlier got hit by a car(Justice).
The End!(Finished).

Needless to say, Mrs Musa was speechless.

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19 Responses to Mrs Musa’s Assignment.

  1. daboss says:

    U are 1 intelligent hell of a lady. Good thinkin’ Good Product!

  2. Toni says:

    Hahaha! Nice one!!

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  4. TecknicoleurGrl says:

    Funny. I like!

  5. StephieBass says:

    tehehehehe I knew “trade by barter” would make me chuckle hardest.

  6. Zee says:

    …and I laughed (Laughter)

  7. faisal adamu says:

    hahahahahahahahaha….sigh 🙂

  8. Paul says:

    I came; I saw; I laughed majorly

  9. Eno-Obong says:

    hahaha……nice piece 🙂

  10. myne Whitman says:

    Very funny, but not enough to forgive you o, lol..

  11. Thetoolsman says:

    looooll… always good to read your words… but yeah, what “myne_Whitman” said… we want more…

  12. e__victor says:

    LOL Pius has a bright future

  13. fareeh says:

    awesome kp it up!

  14. iScreeem says:

    Great write nono. Humour at its best 😀

  15. Lanre says:

    ..and that would be all!! (comment)

  16. mizzkenzo says:

    LOL =))

  17. JenniferAbayowa says:

    I don’t even know what to say. HILARIOUS. Lol. See the way the keywords are in bold and not included in the sentences. Smart but funny boy.

  18. Bass3y says:

    Still speechless…

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