Love & Sex (Page 1)

Before I begin, I’d like to state that this story is extremely fictional. Names, places, events, infact the realm of possibility is determined by me. Any similarity with a known event/person/place is purely coincidental. Ok now that’s out of the way, join me as I fly first class to the world of imagination. Buckle up. Refreshment is free of course…this isn’t aero contractors(Nigerian Airline).

*sound of sirens*
The Silver Hex hotel was filled with people. Cops, medics, bystanders. There had been a murder. The poor maid who’d found the body was white as chalk and being looked over by a medic. She kept saying “blood everywhere…blood everywhere….blood everywhere” and sobbing quietly to herself. “Are you about done here? I want to have a word with the lady” said the detective in charge. “Yes sir” said the medic as he packed up his first-aid kit. “Hello I’m Detective Abrams” said the detective as he showed her his badge. “What’s your name?” “Katy” replied the frightened maid. “If it’s not too much, can you accompany me to the room and retrace your steps? I want to know what you touched, did and saw”. “Ok” she responded as on shaky feet, she was led to room 27. “What did you do when you got here this morning?” “I came off the elevator with my cart as I usually do each morning. My job is to clean the rooms. I came to room 27 and knocked but there was no answer so I thought the occupant had stepped out. I used my key to get inside and……” She let out a little sob. “Go on said the detective”. “I saw blood everywhere. On th carpet, bed, ceiling. He was lying in the middle of the room”. “What did you do?”. “I screamed. I couldn’t move”. “That’s when the other maid came in right?” “Yes. We both work on this floor”. “So what happened next?” “She dragged me outside and called 911. That’s all I know”. “Thank you very much Katy. You’ve been very helpful. One more thing. You said you used your key. Does that mean the door was locked?” “Yes sir. The doors lock automatically once you close them.” “Ok! You can leave now. Sergeant Dan will escort you downstairs”.

The Detective took a minute to take in the scene before him. “Has the CSI team been here?” “Yes sir replied the eager police officer in the room with him.” “Good. Did they find the murder weapon?” “No sir but they suspect its a knife or something with a very sharp edge”. “Hmmmm……so a crime of passion one would say” said the detective. “Do we have an identity yet?” “Yes sir. His wallet was in his coat pocket on the chair. He is Mr Dumphry. A salesman with Alloyed & Co downtown”. “Do we have a residential address?” asked the Detective. “Yes we do. 15 murberry drive.” “Isn’t murberry on the other side of town? What brings a salesman to a hotel room this far from his daily route? Hmmmm….” “Excuse me Detective but we may have something. The receptionist that checked him in last night just came in. She is downstairs” said Sergeant Dan who had just come back from escorting the maid. “Well then let’s go have a word with her. Seal this room. No one is to come in without my authorisation” said Detective Abrams.

At the lobby, Sandra waited for the policemen to come question her. She couldn’t believe Mr Dumphry was dead. She had just seen him a couple of hours ago. “Morning ma’am. Were you in charge last night?” “Yes I was” replied Sandra. “I’m Detective Abrams. And I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind” “No I don’t”. “Good. So what time did Mr Dumphry check in last night?” “Same time he always does. 9pm” “always does? Do you mean to say last night wasn’t Mr Dumphry’s first time here?” “No it wasn’t. He has been…sorry had been a guest with us for about two years now. Always checked in at the same time every friday and checked out the following day”. “Was he alone last night?” “No he wasn’t. He came with Mrs Dumphry”. Detective Abrams looked up sharply at this new piece of information. “And what does Mrs Dumphry look like?” “We have a surveillance camera down here. I could just show you” said Sandra. “Fantastic” said the detective.

“Peter please can you pull up the surveillance footage from last night?” “Yes ma’am” replied Peter. “Fast forward to 9pm last night” said the detective. They all watched as Mr Dumphry checked in with his wife. There was nothing extraordinary about it. He paid in cash and collected the key to the room. “Can u fast forward the tape?” They watched as different people came in and left the hotel. They had no way of knowing who went to what floor because of the lone camera. “Pause that” yelled the detective. They were staring at Mrs Dumphry’s face as she exited the building.
to be continued…………….
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19 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 1)

  1. Som1twisted says:

    NONO… u half started again ooo…
    hiss long…

  2. Ok…what me i want to know o! Is y u thot it was ok…to end it here…for 2day. Just tell me…u must tell me o!

  3. thetoolsman says:

    hmm…. ghen ghen… waiting….

  4. thetoolsman says:

    PS: You guys should never say I like suspense again… Nono is the Queen…

  5. mide kayode says:

    am falling in love with you …sweet stuff babes…and to think you posted it from ur BB !!! nice work!!!

  6. fido says:

    will this pass for a novel?.. i was already getting engrossed!

  7. MzSwitz says:

    I haf died nd gne 2 suspense heaven. Wn’s d nxt post?? U rili r d queen ov suspense.

  8. myne Whitman says:

    Perfect suspense. You’ve got me hooked.

  9. e__victor says:

    Better be this enthusiastic all the way to the end. I smell I very long story. Patiently awaiting part deux.

  10. 'Jiböla says:

    Oh you gotta be shitting me!

  11. Umoefik says:

    ahhhh! stop d suspense ooo
    nice one btw

  12. SapphireChic says:

    Detective X! Well done o! But how did Oga Abrams deduce it was a crime of passion from staring at the victim? There was no other body there na! Was there any bodily liquids spewing from the usual orifice? Hhen?
    Love the story…..can’t wait for the follow up or am I too eager to assume it’d be the conclusion?

  13. mizzkenzo says:

    Ah! Why stop here? 😦
    Please hurry up, I want to get to the bottom of this mystery.

  14. Bass3y says:

    I smh @ you. Remember I know where you live… Better complete this story kia kia or suffer the consequences… *dexter evil laugh* :).. Good stuff dear. You make a good crime writer.

  15. Ms Dang says:

    (Y) great start. Next up to read part 2 and get back to writing my own thriller. Thanks for the inspiration to continue.

  16. Yinka Obebe says:

    Ok am liking it…hardley “nono” chase.

  17. 3ciah says:

    NoNo toh bahdt oh!!
    u wee sha noh kee sumborie..we dah we don cumman haff talent nko??oppressor oshi!! 10/10, baybee 😉

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