Love & Sex (Page 2)

They all stared at the picture of Mrs Dumphry on the screen. “What time did she leave?” asked the detective. “3.57am sir” replied Peter. “Thank you very much Ms Sandra. We would like a copy of this surveillance tape. Sergeant Dan will wait and collect it”. “No problem. Peter would give him whatever he needs” said Sandra. Outside the surveillance room, the young policeman was waiting. “Excuse me sir but the medics want to take the body to the morgue”. “Find out if the CSI people are done with the crime scene before letting them through” “ok sir” said the policeman. Detective Abrams left the hotel for the precinct. Something wasn’t right but he couldn’t place his fingers on it. Why would a man come to a hotel room every friday night with his wife? And why did Mrs Dumphry leave by 3.57am last night? It was time he payed the Dumphry residence a visit.

“Martins are you working on any case now?” “No sir” said a startled Sergeant Martins because he hadn’t heard Adams approaching and he was dozing off in the precinct as usual. The crime rate in their town was at an all time low. He supposed that was a good thing but damn if the boredom wasn’t getting to him. “Good. I need you to come with me to the widow’s house. Dan and that newbie what’s his name are at the crime scene at the moment” “Patrick sir and which widow??” said a very confused Sergeant Martins but the Detective was already halfway out of the precinct. Martins grabbed his keys, gun and badge and ran after Abrams.

Back at the lab, the crime scene investigation people were going through their findings. Amongst the evidence collected at the scene were a pink hairpin, a strand of hair from the victim’s shirt, a picture of the lipstick stained pillowcase, a blood swab taken from the bathroom and a ton of different fingerprints which was normal considering they were dealing with a hotel room. “What do you make of all this?” asked the blood splatter expert. “Absolutely nothing” replied the fingerprints expert. “Well I think a woman killed him. That’s the only explanation I can give to the evidence found as well as the way he was killed. I don’t remember the last time I saw so much blood splatter. It went as far as the ceiling plus the repeated nature of the stabs makes this rather personal.” “Hmmm….I’d agree with you on this being no random murder. A repeatedly stabbed dead body with no defensive wounds in a locked hotel room tells me the victim knew his murderer”. “Well let’s get to work. Detective Abrams will be here shortly and with him, a barrage of questions” said blood guy. “That man gets on my nerves” replied the finger guy.

15 Murberry drive was a plain looking house with a red picket fence. A kid’s bicycle was lying by the front porch and a doll house could be found on the yard. The doll house looks more taken care of than the main house thought Sergeant Martins to himself. Detective Abrams rang the doorbell. There was no answer. He rang the bell again. Just as Martins was about to check the back, a boy about 10 years old opened the front door. “Hi there kiddo. Is your mum at home?” Asked the detective. “Huh huh” replied the boy as he nodded. She’s making us blueberry pancakes in the kitchen. “What’s your name son?” “Donald but all my friends call me Don” replied the boy. Just then, a woman walked into the room with three plates on a tray in her right hand. “Don go set the table. Gentlemen what can I do you for?”. Detective Abrams stared at the woman. “I’m Detective Abrams and this is Sergeant Martins” said Abrams as they both flashed their badges. “Are you Mrs Dumphry?” “Yes I am. Why?” “Where does your husband work?” “What is this about Detective?” “Please answer the question ma’am” “Alloyed & Co. Why?” Detective Abrams tugged at his tie. The woman staring at them looked nothing like the woman from the surveillance tape.
to be continued……….
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24 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 2)

  1. mizzkenzo says:

    Oh wow. Somebody’s been up to some very shady business! (?)

  2. Zee says:

    dehn dehn dehn…..

  3. mide kayode says:

    Nono my love !!! splendid work …..i must not miss the next part

  4. thetoolsman says:

    Hmmm…. I think I’m on to something.. (I think)… But then again, knowing Nono’s mind, I’m prob way off….

  5. Zara says:

    hurry up jor! whatz doing u!

  6. fido says:

    Nono this is not fair!! I was trying to flip to the next page!!

  7. 'Jiböla says:

    (•͡. •͡┌П┐ that is all

  8. MzSwitz says:

    Ghen ghen! D plot gets thicker.. I second Zara. Ds suspense na die.

  9. BBB says:

    oya oh installment 3 now now now

    your attention to detail is so commendable,
    taking us on this journey, feel as if i am reading the script for a movie…
    good job hun

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  11. Umoefik says:

    lol @ jibola
    Nono! ooo

  12. som1twisted says:

    If I catsh u this girl….

  13. marrow says:

    NONO!!!!!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! Give us MORE!!!
    This is beautiful writing! I think I’m making headway here. EAGERLY WAITING FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!

  14. tolz says:

    i hope u continue this….

  15. StephanieIj says:


  16. Ricdizzle says:

    what happened to all the sex part.. and the love
    suspense be makin my heart beat tho..

  17. abyurla says:

    Quite Descriptive. Stop wit the suspense already draaaat

  18. KofoSwagnificnt says:

    Nono!!!! Wats all deez?? Finish dis tin jo!

    Naiz story! Cnt wait to see hw it ends…

  19. 3ciah says:

    doom doom ke, doom ke!! 😀 sorta saw dis cumin in prt 1 wen dey sed he came in wit “his wife” err friday nyt :/ hmmmm, oya nao…..

  20. SapphireChic says:

    Nice! Good thing I waited for u to finish 2,3 and 4 before I refreshing page to read Pt3…u think ya smart?

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