Love & Sex (Page 3)

“How long have you been married to your husband?” “What’s this about detective?” replied Mrs Dumphry. “You should sit down” said Martins. “Why? Where is James? Did anything happen to James? Where is he?” replied a now sobbing Mrs Dumphry. “Ma’am your husband was found dead at The Silver Hex hotel this morning. Do you know why he was there?” “No. He holds a conference with their chinese partners every friday night. He was in his office last night” “well we’ll look into that ma’am but I can assure you he wasn’t at his office by 9pm last night. Do you know anyone that might have wanted your husband dead?” “No! James was the life of the party everywhere he went. That’s what made him such a successful salesman.” “Mom what’s wrong?” Said Don from the doorway. “Go play with your sister Don. Mummy will just be a minute”. The young boy went back inside. “Ma’am we’ll like to know where you were last night” said Abrams. “Call me Susan and just what are you implying? I was home last night. I tucked Don and Sarah in by 9 and I went to my room” “so no one can confirm your whereabouts after 9?” “If I had known my husband was going to be dead today and I a suspect, I would have set up a camera in my room last night” said Mrs Dumphry sarcastically. “Was he shot?” She asked. “Why? Do u know anyone that wanted to shoot him?” “Of course not. Its just you haven’t told me how he died” she said as she played with a napkin. “He was stabbed” “No!” She gasped as her hand flew to her mouth. “Where is he now?” “At the morgue ma’am” “I’m coming with you” “I’m afraid that won’t be possible Susan. An autopsy is being performed on him now but we’ll let you know when you can see him and if anything comes up. I’m so sorry” said Abrams. They took their leave as a sobbing Mrs Dumphry locked the door behind them.

“Call Dan. Tell him to run the face on the surveillance tape through our database. Hopefully we’ll get a hit. This just keeps getting more interesting” said Abrams to Martins as they got into the car. On their way, Abrams’ phone rang. It was the morgue. The autopsy had been finished. “Drop me off at the morgue on your way to the precinct. Doc Temple has something for me”. “Ok boss” replied Martins.

She watched as the car drove off. Trust James to create an uproar even in death. He couldn’t just die quietly. She had to call her mum to come take Don and Sarah for a few days. She felt a storm coming…..

“What have you got for me Temple?” Said Abrams as he marched into the morgue. “Your guy was definitely murdered although that is quite obvious but I would say the murder weapon is an 8 inch blade cos of the depth of each stab” replied the coroner. “Well no weapon was found at the crime scene. My men are still canvassing” replied Adams. “He had about 25 stabs but besides that, I found something else that might interest you. Digitoxin. He had a substantial amount of that in his system. Infact if the stabs hadn’t killed him, he would have died from the poison. One could even say I’m having a hard time deciding which killed him first” joked Temple. “I wonder how that got into his system. Can you tell how long ago the digitoxin was ingested?” “I would say about 15 hours ago and he probably ingested it in a drink. That’s the easiest way it could have been delivered”. “Do you have a time of death?” “I’d say between 2 and 3am” “hmmm….who did this guy piss off? Mr life of the party. Apparently some people weren’t having such a good time at the party” replied Abrams. “Huh??” Said Temple with a confused look on his face. “Never mind. I’m just pondering on something his wife said”. “Poor woman” replied the coroner.

Back at the Precinct, Dan was screaming his lungs off. “Get the detective on the phone now” he yelled to the newbie. “We’ve got a hit on the mystery Mrs Dumphry.” Patrick also known as newbie by his colleagues handed Dan the phone. “Abrams on the phone” “we’ve got a hit sir” “which database?” “The juvenile database sir” “what’s her name and address?” “Lisa Umbridge. 23 Park lane, Ridgewater”. “Get some officers and meet me there as soon as possible”.

“Open up. Ridgewater PD. Open up or we’re coming in” there was no reply. “On the count of three, two, one…..” GBAMMMM!!!! The door was kicked in and the officers rushed into the house. Seated on a chair in the parlour was Lisa Umbridge calmly sipping on a glass of iced tea. “What took you so long?” she asked.
to be continued………
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13 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 3)

  1. thetoolsman says:

    and so it begins….

  2. 'Jiböla says:


    On second thought 3-|

    Still (•͡. •͡┌П┐ sha

  3. oluremi says:

    This’s going somewhere…and I’m sure I don’t know where.

  4. BBB says:

    i cant even guess anymore
    i am at your mercy story teller,
    oya next installment pls

  5. mide kayode says:

    This reminds me of the movie sleuth ( Michael Caine, Jude Law)……but the story lines r way diff !!!!

  6. So this sorta reminds me of Basic Instinct…

  7. Phury says:

    Wow!!!! You’ve got me really hooked.

  8. Umoefik says:

    waiting for the next….

  9. MzSwitz says:

    Next up! Cnt evn gues wat’s gonta happen!

  10. Yinka Obebe says:

    What took you so long?”…the classic…but I don’t wanna guess where this is heading…sure am wrong.

  11. e__victor says:

    Lisa sounds like a boss.
    I think his wife knows more.

  12. 3ciah says:

    ghen ghen..lurrrvin dah line 😀

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