Love & Sex (Page 4)

Detective Abrams rushed into the room gun drawn to see his men all standing with confused expressions on their faces and a lady with red hair and a bemused expression on the couch. He recognised her from the surveillance tape. “Are you Lisa Umbridge?” he asked. “What do you think?” She replied. “What took you all so long? Another 30 minutes and I would have come to the precinct myself”. “What do you mean ma’am? Did you kill Mr Dumphry?”. She chuckled. “No I did not. Not for lack of trying” she said with a wink. “You can sit down……..” “Detective Abrams” the detective filled in. “Abrams” she repeated “I quite like the sound of that”. The detective took a sit opposite her, looked around and noticed his men all staring at her. He shook his head slightly. There was something about this woman. He couldn’t place his hand on it just yet. “You all can clear out now” he barked at his men. “Except you Dan” he said to Sergeant Dan. The men reluctantly left the room. “Why were u expecting us?” Abrams asked Lisa. “Logic” she replied. “The news of the murder has been all over the news today and seeing as I was with him last night, its only natural I be a suspect” she took a sip of her tea. “Where are my manners? Can I offer you gentlemen anything?” “No ma’am” they both replied in unison. “What did you mean by “not for lack of trying” earlier on?” “Well James liked it rough if you know what I mean” she said with a slight smile. “Friday nights were our nights of total abandon. We’ve both come close to death more times than I can remember. You don’t feel power until you literally hold someone’s life in your hands” she said. By this time, sergeant Dan’s mouth was wide open and Abrams kept tugging at his tie. She crossed her legs and let out a button. “What made you leave early last night ma’am?” “Well last night was supposed to be our last night together. Atleast that’s what James told me. I was getting bored anyways” she said with a shrug. “I didn’t feel like waking up beside him in the morning so I left”. “So one could say you had a motive then?”. “Please give me some credit. If I wanted to kill James, I would have done so in a clean way” she said with a cold smile. Abrams shuddered. “How do you know this wasn’t a clean murder?” asked Dan. She yawned. “I thought this interrogation was going to be more interesting. I went by the hotel” was all she said concerning that. “If that’d be all, you gentlemen can see yourselves out. I’ve got a meeting now” she said as she slipped detective Abrams her card. “Next time, just call me. Breaking down my door is a rather expensive means of communication.” And with that, she left both of them in her sitting room.

Abrams was more confused than ever. “What did you think of Lisa Umbridge?” He asked the sergeant as both of them got into the car. “She’s one calculated bitch” replied Dan. “She knows we’ve got her on camera at the hotel but she also knows every other thing we have is mere speculation. We need to get to the crime lab as soon as possible. This case needs a break urgently” said Abrams. “I just got a text. Looks like Martins was able to get the address for Alloyed & Co” said Dan. “Good man” replied Abrams.

“Jack come over here” said Andrew. He had just finished running tests on the contents of the wine bottle that was found at the crime scene. “The wine was poisoned” he said. “With what?” Asked Jack. “Digitoxin” “Damn!” Replied Jack. “This dude was not loved at all. That’s one nasty poison. We should send the bottle for fingerprint analysis. Who knows? We could get lucky” “I’ll send it once I’m done” replied Andrew.

Abrams and Dan got to Alloyed & Co by 2:30pm that day. “Its hotter than an oven today” said Dan. They walked into A&C and it felt like they were walking into another world. It was freezing. Dan chuckled. “Now this is the life. Maybe I should switch to sales” he joked. The receptionist smiled at them. “Welcome to Alloyed & Co. How can we help you?” “I’m Detective Abrams and this is Sergeant Dan. Is your boss around?” “Yes but I’m afraid he is in a meeting right now. I’ll ring up and let him know you are here to see him but you will have to wait” she replied. “That’s fine Ms. Not like we have anywhere urgent to be” said Abrams sarcastically. Twenty minutes later, she called them back. “He wants to know what this is about?” “Your employee James Dumphry” replied Abrams. She relayed the information into the receiver. “The meeting just ended. Go right up. Last door on your right” she said. “Looks like his schedule magically cleared up” commented an irritated Abrams as they headed towards the elevator.

She stared at the picture of James with all the blood everywhere. She remembered the look of confusion on his face when she had slid the knife in. It had to have been confusion for he had called her by that bitch’s name. Bastard. Pity he had died after the fifth stab. That had annoyed her immensely. She had wanted to draw out his death. Funny she was more attracted to him dead than alive. She heard someone else come into the bathroom. Urrrrgggghhhh!! Who else do I have to kill to get some privacy around here? She slid her fingers from her privates, straightened her skirt and left the stall. “O! Its you. How did the meeting go?” “Fine” she mumbled as she washed her hands and left the bathroom.
to be continued……..
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  1. thetoolsman says:

    Finally adding up…(I hope)….

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  4. i see a novel is in the works…

  5. marrow says:

    i’m getting somewhere! =)

  6. 3ciah says:

    wot??ok, i dint qyt get dat..she was tossin 2 his pic?? 0_o

  7. Ms Dang says:

    *standing ovation* really heating up. I await tomorrow’s installment

  8. Kevin says:

    Just keeps getting more and more interesting…

  9. fido says:

    Nono can we get the whole chapters already???!!!!! *sighs*

  10. joeyKrack says:

    With good stuff like this who needs novels. Keep em coming…yes orgasm.

  11. deddyboy says:

    Nice stuff. Cant wait for the next publication.

  12. StephanieIj says:

    …Now who could this be? Wifey?…colleague? Another mistress? Lisa’s lesbian gf? :s…loool.

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