Love & Sex (Page 5)

“The bimbo said last door on the right right?” asked Abrams as they got off the elevator. “Yes sir” replied Sergeant Dan. The last door on the right had Francis Griffin – MD written on it. “Do we knock?” joked Abrams as they barged in. “I’m Detective Abrams and this is Sergeant Dan. We are here to see the director” said Abrams as they flashed their badges at a the startled secretary. “One moment please” she replied. “I’ve got a Detective Dan and Sergeant Abrams here for you sir” she said through the intercom. “Send them in” replied the voice on the other end. “Its Detective Abrams and Sergeant Dan” corrected Abrams as they went through the adjoining door but she totally ignored them as she filed her nails.

In a restaurant downtown, two women sat down to lunch. “I have to say a call from you was the last thing I was expecting today” said the lady in blue. “Really?” replied the lady in black as she twirled her wine in her glass. “One would say James’ death should be the last thing you could have expected today” said black. “You know what I mean” replied blue. “Really?” said black again in her condescending voice. “I didn’t call you to make accusations.” “you could have fooled me” replied blue. “Why did you…..” “Did you get my package?” said black cutting blue off. “What packa…. You sent that?” said blue as her voice rose. “Did you enjoy it?” asked black with a smile. “You bitch!” yelled blue. “How could you?”. At this point, black was already folding her napkin and beckoning for the bill. “That’s all I wanted to know” she said. “Bitch!!!” yelled an uncontrollable blue. “you’ll pay for all you’ve done” she screamed as black got up to leave. “Will I?” said black with a smile as she strolled out of the restaurant.

Mr Francis Griffin had been the managing director at Alloyed & Co for about eight years now. He hated all police officers. All they had ever done for him was bring him trouble. The two walking into his office at that very moment were no exception. “Afternoon gentlemen” he said as he stood to shake hands. “Afternoon” they both replied. “What can I do you for?” He asked with as much warmth as he could muster. “We are looking into the murder of James Dumphry. We believe he was a staff of yours” said Abrams. “Ahhh Dumphry. Real sad what happened to him. Its been all over the news since morning” replied Francis. “When last did you see him?” “Why yesterday afternoon I believe. I had a meeting with him concerning one of our junior staff” replied Francis. “Do you know anyone that might have wanted him dead?” Asked Dan. “Not at all. Dumphry was one of our best salesmen and that’s because he was great with people. Granted he was a bit of a whore when it came to the ladies but which full blooded man isn’t eh?” Said Francis with a wink. The officers were not smiling. “Did he have any sexual relationship with anyone in the office?” asked Abrams. “Not that I’m aware of. We frown on that here” replied Francis. “Will that be all?” he asked. “For the moment. If you think of anything else give us a call” said Abrams as he handed Francis his card. “Will do. You gentlemen have a good day now” said Francis as the officers left his office. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his face. Damn you Dumphry he muttered to himself.

Those two officers were no match for her. Nobody was she thought as she pretended to be busy. He had lied to her and he deserved it. She was sure even God agreed with her. She couldn’t wait to look at the picture once more. She opened the drawer and took out his tie. Taking it to her nose, she inhaled. Her James.

On their way back to the precinct, Abrams’ phone rang. “Abrams here” he said “Afternoon sir, its Martins. You’ll never guess what we just saw”. “Get on with it” barked Abrams. “Well I was going through the surveillance tape again and guess who I saw going into the hotel by 8.32pm last night?” “Who?” asked an impatient Abrams. “Mrs Dumphry sir” replied Martins. “I sensed she knew something” said a now excited Abrams. “Send a squad car to pick her up”. “Already done sir” replied Martins. “Good work sergeant. We should be there in ten minutes” replied Abrams. After he hung up, his smile was worth a million bucks. “Finally we are going somewhere” he said to Dan as they drove towards the precinct.
to be continued………………..
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8 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 5)

  1. fido says:

    Oh dear! I am positive it wasn’t Mrs Dumphry!! Very positive

  2. Qurr says:

    Sweeeet… the plot thickens. I love the part about the two women having lunch. Nono has a way of making pictures come alive in one’s mind. Looking forward to the next post!

  3. Berry says:

    Nono get on wif it pls! Lol!Rily wunderin who d obsessed chic is!

  4. SapphireChic says:

    My friend….so I waited for the stories to pile up for nothing!? Aaarrrggghh!! But I’m sure it is so not Mrs Dumphry! Its probably some obsessed chick at A&C. Better let Pt6 be the last one o!

  5. Paul says:

    You should write novels. Good stuff!

  6. e__victor says:

    I’m with the others lol.
    Its 90% not miss D. Mr D was a true “salesman”

  7. Atare Beanoe says:

    Nono, please speed things up. Abi na because say I never complain since?

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