Love & Sex (Page 6)

As they got to the precinct, a BMW M3 sport coupe pulled up beside them and who should step out of it but Lisa Umbridge herself. “Nice to see you gentlemen again” she said. “If only the feeling was mutual” muttered Dan to himself. For some reason he just didn’t like this woman. “How may we help you ma’am” asked Abrams. “Call me Lisa please and I came in to offer my assistance.” “Your assistance with what?” asked Abrams. “Well I figured you’d need my DNA and prints and seeing as the last time we had a conversation, I ended up paying for a new door, I decided to save myself the cost and you the trouble so here I am” she finished with a smile. “How considerate of you” replied Abrams sarcastically. “After you then” he said as she led the way into the precinct.

Abrams got into his office to see the report from the crime scene team on his desk. The wine bottle was the source of the digitoxin and fortunately they were able to retrieve a partial print off the bottle. A lady’s hairpin had been found at the scene and some hair was found on Mr Dumphry’s clothes but they had no one to run the partial print and hair against. Well they could start with Lisa and if that’s not a match, then Mrs Dumphry when she got here he thought to himself. Fourteen other prints had been found at the scene but that was only natural seeing as it was a hotel room. On his table too was the surveillance tape. He slid it into the player, sat on his desk and watched.

Mrs Dumphry was brought in by Sergeant Martins. On the way in, she spotted Lisa talking to one of the Police officers. “You bitch” she yelled as she was dragged to one of the interrogation rooms. “I see you’ve met our new volunteer” joked Dan. “Why am I here?” she asked. “The detective will be here shortly.” he replied as he left her in the room.

Detective Abrams marched into the interrogation room with a brown file in his hand. “Morning Mrs Dumphry. Do you need a drink? Anything?” “No thank you she snapped. I just want to be out of here. Am I under arrest?” “that depends on you.” replied the detective. “Have you ever been to the Silver Hex hotel?” he asked. “No” she replied. “Are you sure of that ma’am because we have a surveillance footage that says otherwise. Care to change your story?.” Mrs Dumphry looked pale. All the colour had drained from her face. “I’d like that water now” she replied. Sergeant Dan came in with a cup of water, placed it on the table and left. She took a sip. “On friday I got a package in the mail. In it was a tape, a bottle of wine and a letter. The tape was of my husband and an unknown female having sex. Her face had been blackened out so I couldn’t tell who it was. The letter told me if I wanted it to all go away, I was to take the bottle of wine to room 27 by 8.40pm on friday. I was to switch it out with the bottle already in the fridge and leave.” “And you did all this without alerting the police. Weren’t you even in the least bit worried it could be a set up?” asked the detective. “I’ll admit now I think of it, it was a really stupid thing to do but you have to understand that at that point all I was thinking about was my family. That tape would have ruined us. A mother will do anything for her children sir.” “That bottle of wine was poisoned ma’am”. Susan’s hand flew to her mouth as she started sobbing. “It was meant for your husband and he drank a substantial quantity before he died.” said the detective. “That red headed bitch!” yelled Mrs Dumphry in-between sobs. “Who are you referring to ma’am?” asked the detective although he was almost certain he knew the answer. “Lisa Umbridge. If that’s even her real name” replied the broken wife.
to be continued……….
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3 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 6)

  1. Berry says:

    Ok! Now we knw who BLACK and BLUE r! Yippee!

  2. BBB says:

    do we?
    i disagree there is still a pawn in this story
    the lady at d office, she is the real murderer
    i think lisa and mrs dumphry are just pawns i her twisted game

  3. Phury says:

    Okay, that was real stupid of her exchanging the bottles. It wasn’t like she was being blackmailed. Why didn’t she just confront her husband.. sigh… i can’t wait to read the next edition.

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