Love & Sex (Page 7)

“How do you know Lisa Umbridge?” asked Abrams. “She has been in our lives for about three years now. Her first visit was to see James. She said she was a co-worker of his. MY GOD! She has picked my kids from school on countless occasions, been invited for dinners, birthday parties….MY GOD” exclaimed Mrs Dumphry. “How do you know she sent the package?” asked Abrams. “She told me.” replied Susan. “Ma’am do you know Lisa and your husband were having an affair?” asked the detective. At this point, Mrs Dumphry was muttering to herself. “Mrs Dumphry are you with me?” shouted Abrams as he shook her. “Dan get in here.” Sergeant Dan rushed in. Take her to my office and get Doc Evans to look her over. Meanwhile tell Martins to bring Lisa Umbridge in here”. “Yes sir” replied the Sergeant.

Lisa Umbridge looked at the detective as he huffed and puffed. At least to her that’s what he was doing. He kinda reminded her of a bull about to mate. “LISA!!” yelled the detective jolting her out of her thoughts. “Yes??” she replied. “I asked you a question. What do you have to say concerning the allegations Mrs Dumphry has against you?” asked Abrams. “That’s all they are; allegations” replied Lisa. “I have been nothing but helpful throughout this investigation. Why would I want James dead?” she said with a hint of a smile on her face. “You will not find any evidence implicating me simply because there is none to find. I did nothing. Unless of course its a crime to be friends with your lover’s family. That seems to be my only crime” she replied calmly. Detective Abrams was saved from putting his fist through the interrogation table by Sergeant Dan. “A word please detective” said the sergeant. “This had better be good” replied the detective as he stepped out of the room. “You won’t believe who I just saw go into the hotel after the victim did and leave a few minutes after Lisa did on the surveillance tape” “who?” asked the detective.

Alloyed & Co hadn’t seen that many police officers in a long while. Detective Abrams lead the pack. “Don’t worry we know our way blondie” he said to the startled receptionist as she tried to stop them. “Mr Francis is in a meeting.” she yelled as the elevator door closed behind them. “Where is your secretary?” asked Abrams as he barged into Francis’ office. “I’m in a meeting here” replied a flustered Francis. “Isn’t she at her desk?” asked Francis. “Unless she suddenly acquired invisibility powers, I believe we would have seen her if she was” replied Abrams sarcastically. “She’s here sir” yelled Dan as he spotted her at the doorway. She started running. They all pursued. She didn’t get far. “As the officer tackled her, the picture of James covered in blood from all the stabs she was just masturbating to fell out. “Well what do we have here?” Asked Abrams as he caught up. “I believe you are under arrest for the murder of James Dumphry” he said as he picked up the picture. “Don’t touch that. That’s MINE” she yelled as she was cuffed. “Why did you kill him?” He asked. “He lied to me. I followed him from work on friday and I saw them check into that hotel. He promised me he was going to leave his wife and that we’ll run away together. He promised me. He LIED!!!” She yelled as she was taken to the station.

She was alone in his office. She spotted the service weapon in the second drawer. She picked it up and checked the chamber for bullets. It was loaded. She calmly walked out of the office and towards the interrogation room. No one noticed her. She opened the door. Lisa looked up at her and grinned. “You bitch” she whispered as she raised her arm, took aim and fired. Lisa died with a smile on her face.

Abrams got back to the precinct to find the place in an uproar. “What happened here?” He asked. “The wife went and shot the mistress is what” replied one of the officers. “SHE WHAT?” He yelled as he ran towards the interrogation room. “Is she dead?” “Yes she is. The bullet is still lodged in her brain”. On the floor sat Susan hugging the gun. “Get her out of here he said to one of the men”. “He sat down exactly where Lisa had sat just a few minutes ago and surveyed the mess before him. “Damn you Dumphry he said” as they rolled Lisa’s body out.
The END.
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15 Responses to Love & Sex (Page 7)

  1. Zara says:

    damn damn damn! and from now on ill advise my friends 2 leave d married men alone.

    thanx 4 d journey Nono

  2. MzSwitz says:

    Epic ending. 9ce 1 dear. Wn’s d nxt series??

  3. Berry says:

    Wow! D krazy broad dat was filin her nails! Great stuff!

  4. Kevin says:

    *round of applause* Beautiful!!! Now to read all over again…:D

  5. mizzkenzo says:

    Yes! I knew it I knew she was the one that murdered Mr. D!!!
    Awww but I really didn’t want you to rush it…now its over. But eez all good, Beautiful writing Nono 🙂

  6. fido says:

    Well I tot it was the first secretary at the entrance.. My guess was close! But damn I miss Lisa already!! She can gerrit… X_X

  7. StephanieIj says:

    *sigh* RIP Lisa…

  8. nenny says:

    Startn all ova makes u appreciate d story more…….good writing babe.

  9. Ms Dang says:

    *clapping* éncore! Magnifique. More. More. More. Great imagination. Seriously I’m off to continue my “Untitled”

  10. odenke says:

    I’m totally impressed! Enobong, dis is beautiful! All d novels U̶̲̥̅̊ read bak in Access is rily tellin on U̶̲̥̅̊! Good work gal and kip it up!

  11. Atare Beanoe says:

    Damn. I really didn’t want this to end this sudden. When is the next one coming out?

  12. deddyboy says:

    Wow. I loved the end.

  13. Yinka Obebe says:

    Painful but she had it coming. Lisa!

  14. jemjem says:

    beautiful writing…sadly u couldn use a naija setting cos ”who r we foolin???”
    encore miss..*applause*

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