The Unforeseen Circumstance!!!

He got home by 8.00pm. She was there. Waiting. She had been planning this for a while now and nothing was going to mess it up. There was no conversation between them. There never was. Occasionally she fantasized about what his first words to her might be. Not many times though. She liked their relationship just fine. He was her lover.

He pulled off his shirt like he always did. From the top. Sliding the neck of the polo over his head and with his hands still on the neck, taking the shirt off. She admired his torso. HARD. Just the way she liked it. His gold chain with the cross pendant glistened on his chest. A vast contrast from his dark skin. She bit on her lip. He strode towards his bathroom. Probably to take a leak. She loved the way his bum moved. D’Prince’s Give it to me now playing in her head. She smiled that slow lazy smile of hers. Her Man. He came back with his fly open. The thin line of hair running from his navel disappeared into his boxers. She dampened as her mind wandered to what lay there. He pulled his pants down taking his boxers an inch lower in the process. oooo la la. She closed her eyes for a second as he walked towards her. Letting the anticipation build. When she opened them, he was gone….. WHAT THE? SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

Next day……
In a certain office on a certain road, somewhere in Lagos, a letter was delivered. It was addressed to the managing director. The letter was given to him by his secretary. He opened it. It read….
Dear Sir,

You and your staff are very very very stupid. Infact God punish your family. You will not prosper. You think because you work in PHCN you can just be doing anyhow? Ehn? All of you are idiots. You don’t know in the night you are supposed to be giving light. How did you expect me to see that boy remove his boxers when you took the light ehn? Do you know how long I’ve been planning this thing? All of you just messed with my hard work just like that. Now I have to sneak in and leave that window open again. Your papa! If you like take light this night. Mschewwwww.

Signed, Peeping Toma.

Oga Director was speechless.

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About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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31 Responses to The Unforeseen Circumstance!!!

  1. meena says:

    Hahahaha!! Lwkmd! *faints from laughing too much*
    Too bad for peeping toma

  2. tolz says:

    NONO!!!!!! LOL

  3. thetoolsman says:

    lmao….. I hope this isn’t what you’ve decided on as a new hobby.

  4. Madam Nono! I have nothing to say to you o… Ah ahnn!! Anyhow, u try. Funny story.

  5. ajoke says:

    i like! very

  6. StephanieIj says:


  7. @mizzkenzo says:

    You aren’t serious at all!

  8. Umoefik says:


  9. som1twisted says:

    I am officialy giving you my name…..
    for 5 mins though
    and like me…
    theres hope for you….

    nice piece

  10. v3nom4eva says:

    Thats one helluva story right there..Funny stuff. 😀

  11. 2tallwise says:

    Nice one.. Was held spell bound for a while… The PHCN papa indeed.. Story 4 long pass this if dem no take am.

  12. nike says:

    Bahahaha. Curse phcn .. This has happened to me a few times.. while I was skyping :’o(

  13. UberBetty says:

    Poor Toma.. I totally feel for her.. After all the hardwork; lol! Nice.

  14. kevinwithanl says:

    I’m proud of d twist, ure twisted..I like!

  15. ebi says:

    lmao, me likey!!

  16. KofoSwaggnificent says:



    Stop all deez ur twists midstory o! Lwkmd kai I feel d girl’s pain sha..

  17. marrow says:

    LMAOOo!!!!! NONO ooo!!
    lool! “WHAT THE?? SHIT? SHIT? SHIT?” Hahaa!!

  18. PhOEnix says:

    INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  19. disgodkidd says:

    okkkkkkkk… peeping toms come in female packaging too? nice drama…

  20. Zee says:

    dis gyel, u dey crase ooo…..

    which kain rough play be this one?

    Na pepper dem go soon pour for ya eye, no be only light dem take


  21. D33_Em says:

    LMFAO!!! NONO!!!! you are NOT well at all. i just LOL!! in the office.

  22. SapphireChic says:

    There’s hope for you…..I swear!!! Hahahahahaha!!

  23. 3ciah says:

    ….so u cant keep secrets anymore, abi??u had to expose me in broad daylight like this, bah??u jux lemme caSH u!!!!!

    NoNo- the reason why there’s no talent left for people like me 😐 12/10!!!!

  24. jumie says:

    Lmao. Love eet!!! Nono ure turnin into sumn else for real. Niceeeeee

  25. afrosays says:

    Still laughing as I type
    I like when a story has an accident – branches off course sharply and causes a beautiful catastrophe.

    The Afro was here…

  26. Oyindamola says:

    LMAO! Poor babe

  27. Elle says:

    Bet yaa a cow sha. Haba. After me I was naa expctin steamy somtinz….. Lol

  28. odai says:

    very good. the point of view of the writer is well hidden and later revealed in a good tempo. The ‘Unforeseen’ in the title of the piece is very apt as well. keep it up.

  29. ekwe says:

    Hahahahahaha. that is all.

  30. jemjem says:

    laff has keeled me ooo!!

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