There is such a thing as TOO MUCH!!!

Hello old & new readers. So today I’m going to give a prize to the first person to correctly answer the question that will be asked at the end of this post. Nothing major. Just my way of saying thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Obi was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Nwachukwu. Mr Nwachukwu was a Military officer and as such, raised his children with the firm grip of one used to rules and regulations. Mrs Nwachukwu often complained but seeing as her husband was who he was, she soon learned to “go with the flow”. Obi started primary school at the age of six. His mother had wanted him to start when he was three but his father needed his right hand to be able to touch his left ear when placed over his head before he could start school. At six, he was one of the older kids and because of this, his father expected him to be top of his class. “Your brain is more matured than all those other children” Papa would say. Obi always payed attention in class but when the results were out, he never made the first position. Needless to say, Obi’s butt didn’t like him very much.

Obi got into secondary school and his best subject was social studies while in the junior secondary and government when he got into the senior secondary. Papa had always made them sing the national anthem and recite the pledge every night before they went to bed and story time in their house had absolutely nothing to do with the tortoise that wasn’t supposed to say shhhhhh or the lion being the king of the jungle. The stories he grew up with were rather tales of heroes that had fought for Nigeria or about the times before Nigeria became Nigeria. Papa always had a story to tell where his country was involved. In essence, Obi grew up to be what one would call annoyingly patriotic.

He got a job working in the governor’s office in Lagos immediately he graduated from the University. Papa was so proud of his son. Everywhere he went, he told his friends “My son works with the governor”. Mama was happy because her son had a job. Many of her friends had children who were jobless and couldn’t even take care of themselves not to talk of their parents. Obi loved his job. As far as he was concerned, he was born to make Nigeria a better place and working in the governor’s office was just the beginning of his journey. It was a particularly unsafe time in Nigeria. Only that morning, a bomb had gone off at the governor’s office in Kwara State. Security at work was at an all time best. He was leaving the office when he remembered he’d forgotten to tell his father something important that morning. He was trying to reach his father when it all happened. A boy ran across the parking lot with a backpack. The security officials were chasing him and shouting stop that boy repeatedly. Someone shouted BOMB and Mayhem ensued. Obi couldn’t move. He saw the people running towards him but he couldn’t move……….

Mount Olive Hospital saw Mr and Mrs Nwachukwu that afternoon. Obi had been admitted about two hours earlier and was still being operated on when they got there. He had been trampled by the crowd and was lucky to be alive. He was taken to the intensive care unit after the surgery. Mama started weeping once she saw her son. He was bandaged everywhere and to be honest, she couldn’t tell if it was her son or not from just looking at him. She held his hand as she wept. “Obi why didn’t you run o!” was all she said. The doctor was still in the room when she said this and he offered to tell her why. Apparently that was what Obi had been muttering when he was brought in. After he told her, she stood up, walked over to Papa and gave him a slap that made the old man see stars.

Now the first person to correctly guess the exact reason why Obi didn’t move gets to win either a free ticket to Lami Unplugged or A movie date (of your choice) with me. Whichever u prefer.

what happened………
Obi dialled his fathers number and what should he hear but MTN’s new Nigerian national anthem caller tune. The rest as they say, is history. Congratulations Admeon for winning this one. Eddy & Damage you almost did but I needed you to tell me exactly what happened. Once again, thanks for stopping by :).

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16 Responses to There is such a thing as TOO MUCH!!!

  1. fido says:

    *sighs* well, I think the boy never grew up making decisions for himself. He feared his father so much that he was caught in either becoming the hero by chasing the culprit or getting across to his father.. Wo Nono I don’t know jare… I sha want a movie date 😀

  2. eddy says:

    The national anthem

  3. Damage says:

    Its one of three I think, either the national anthem was being played and due to d way he was brought up he was standing still or it was 6 o Clock and d soldiers at the governors office were bringing down d flag and dey always yell for everyone to stand still or the obvious, he heard stop, that boy. Thought they were referring to him and being as obedient as he is he did… #okbye

  4. thetoolsman says:

    hahahaha… I know the answer to this but I’ll try not to spoil it so I’ll just mail you my answer…

  5. Damage says:

    I pick the lowering of the flag. It was 6’O clock and d soldiers at the governors office were lowering d flag and as usual dey yelled for everyone to stand still and dts when the incident happened and he couldn’t move cause they had not given the order to carry on or ‘as u were’ as u so cleverly wrote in ur story.

  6. odai says:

    (for a date, you choose the movie, i’m gentle like that) before i answer i want to point out three things; first you mention ‘Obi’ being trampled but prior to that and secondly there was the boy with the backpack and the ‘BOMB’ shout then mayhem, thirdly you say he, ‘Obi’ was trying to ‘reach’ his father but we are not told how he was trying to do that… the ambiguity might have been deliberate on your part(hence it being a competition)
    MY ANSWER: I would say Obi was using a mobile phone to call his father, and as such the father must have heard the shouts of ‘stop that boy’ and asked him what was going on? the shouts of ‘BOMB’ and ‘run’ (i guess by the onrushing crowd) must have also been heard by the father and he then told Obi not to Move, i presume he said something in the line of “Stand your ground my son” and He did leading to his injuries… He must have been muttering while being transported in the hospital “Dad, did you see me? I did not move. I stood my ground. I made you proud”
    P.S. don’t laugh just completely ignore if it was off point. lol nice story by the way

  7. admeon says:

    Obi was trying to call his father and his caller tune was the national anthem so Obi had to stand still

  8. robyn says:

    Nice story!!lol

  9. Umoefik says:

    lol wow!
    wouldn’t even ‘ve gotten it right sef smh

  10. e__victor says:

    well obi is not very smart is he O.o

    me I want movie date too o 😦

  11. 3ciah says:

    apparently, ‘m not that smart :p couldn’t figure it out on my own x_x *sigh* bet Obi izza stoooooooop!d buoiy sha ooooooooo!

    S.N: I always come here expectant & never leave disappointed!!good stuff you got going on, NoNo 🙂

  12. esta says:

    He didn’t run because he felt he HAD to tell his dad wat he remembered…because of how strict his father is..

  13. Imoh says:

    National anthem? Seriously? It was playing on the friggin PHONE! From a medical point of view, if self-preservation is seen as secondary to obedience to baseless rules (why the fucj should we stand still anyway? Does someone give out money when they’re playing the song, etc.) then Obi needs strong psychiatric evaluation after the multiple orthopedic surgeries that I’m sure must have followed.
    On the flip side, I’m aware that human idiocy is the only thing on this planet that we have a limitless supply of.

  14. marrow says:

    hahaa! Wow! Ok, ds actually made me LOL!!! Nyce!

  15. jemjem says:

    im wks late but im glad my fest guess was right!

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