The Race!!!

She ran as if she could see the pearly gates at the finish line. Determined to make it to the end. She was panting so hard her neighbours thought she’d drop dead if she didn’t stop soon. No one really knew why she was running which was strange considering theirs was a tiny village and everyone knew everyone’s business. It was approximately eleven hours now and Mfon was still running. Every time she went by her house, her husband, Etim, gave her some water and a piece of bread and urged her on. When he could bear the curiosity no longer, Ituen their neighbour approached Etim.

Ituen: Etim my brother how body?
Etim: Body dey inside clot o! Ituen
Ituen: We thank God. So onto wetin bring me come your house
Etim: *chuckling* I tink say na that money you dey owe me you wan come pay
Ituen: errrr…..the money never ready but soon. I just dey my house dey see Mfon run pass. Wetin dey make am run?
Etim: That one na secret o! I no fit tell you if not you go use am
Ituen: how many years you don know me ehn?? Fifteen my brother. Fifteen. I tink say una know say you fit trust me. You be my brother na!
Etim: hmmm……if I tell you, you no fit tell another person o!
Ituen: *raises right hand* I swear on etekamba I go keep am for my side.
Etim: ok o! *motions for Ituen to come closer then whispers in his ear.

As soon as Ituen heard the reason why Mfon was running, he ran to his house and told his wife Eno who immediately gave her husband his sandals and told him to start running. Now two people were running in the village. This of course drew a large crowd. Etim was enraged. He had trusted Ituen with the very important information and Ituen was now competing with his wife. Granted she had a couple of hours on him but still. He reasoned if he told everyone the reason now, they’d all join in and Ituen won’t stand a chance since he was quite unfit. He cleared his throat and the crowd immediately went mute. They were all interested in what he had to say.

“My people I dey very sorry. I know una bin dey ask me why Mfon dey run since and I no answer. Im dey very necessary because if I tell una dat time, she no for win. Mfon dey run for Chairman of the village. Mkpong(yesterday) obong idong(the head of the village) tell me say dem dey look for person wey fit run for Chairman. Ituen just begin to dey run now so if una wan beat am una fit join am. Na vice-chairman you go win”

Illiteracy is a disease.

Happy Easter guys. Hope you’ve gone out to vote today. Cheers!

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23 Responses to The Race!!!

  1. Daywahley says:

    LooooL!!!! U don did it again! Illiteracy is a big disease.

  2. kelvin says:

    *now running away from here* haha…how sad! It sure is a disease. Funny, we now have educated illiterates eg those that vote for a candidate and not his party *sigh* Ah well, it makes the world balanced!Niceu ‘Nono’

  3. JCpx says:

    Lol haba thats just wrong!! hahaha

  4. Mz_Simon says:

    Lmao! X_X. Literally RUNNING for a post.

  5. Betty says:

    Nono makes me laugh.. (Sing with the Sound of Music tune). Another nice one, thumbs up!

  6. Debbie says:

    haha!! nice one.

  7. stevenator says:

    Now u av suceeded in twisting my tots.nice one buh someday i am sure i wil b able to crack dis

  8. Myne Whitman says:

    LOL…illiteracy can literarily kill.

  9. Babaneyo says:

    SMH. This is just wrong *wearing running shoes* I’m running for treasurer 😀

  10. thetoolsman says:

    LOL.. Somewhere somehow I’m sure this really happened …

  11. migraine boi says:

    Lmao! Nono, you’re not alright

  12. Kamizee says:

    LMAO! I wonder how they would react to Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” :p

  13. Dee says:


  14. PhOEnix says:

    You insane lady!

  15. lol…I like the Akwa-Ibom plot.

  16. joeyKrack says:

    OMG. Nono is the greatest ever. Illiteracy in their case should be ά crime. Loool.

  17. Zuriel says:

    Pls ehn, I can like to Run for Chairlady, mbok!
    On Yer Mark, Get set, ……………..
    Naaaahhh! I’ll pass!
    Nice one Nono!

  18. @mizzkenzo says:

    There I was, thinking about something deep- kmt lol
    All those people in that village should be conked!!!
    Anyway, Was she just practising or she was actually running? I hope she ran by the Obong’s palace o

  19. ollylicious says:

    Lool..pure jokes..good stuff (y)

  20. afrosays says:

    **Slapping my forehead, and shaking the head itself.
    Deep breath.

  21. nengie says:

    Hahahaha!!! Nice one…

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