So You Think You Can Think (2)

So err…….for the next 5mins I’ll let you all beat me up unless of course you love me so much you don’t want to *bats eyelashes*. No? *sigh*…..A girl had to try.

5 mins later………..
I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. Let’s chuck it all up as “it was out of my control” but in my defence, some of my favourite bloggers have been on a roll mehn!! Its been fun just being a reader *dodges stone*. So today I want to have another “So you think you can think” post. If you haven’t read the first one, google is err……just follow the link: . To be honest, just being a reader kinda inspired this post. I’m interested in seeing how some of my favourite/fellow bloggers will tell the story with only the last scene to work with. This doesn’t mean I don’t want non-bloggers to have a go o! As long as you can think, the floor is yours. Humour me :). Last time, I included my story in the post but I won’t do that this time cos I don’t have one yet. I think that’s the fun part. We are all thinking together lol! Leave your version of the story in the comment box. Sometime tomorrow, I’ll put up my own story. Till then, let’s all have fun and task our brains. I honestly can’t wait to read what you come up with…..Happy thinking! Lol!

“Please empty your pocket into this paper bag” said the officer as he placed the brown paper bag infront of Andrew. Andrew was so angry, his hands shook as he brought out the contents of his pockets. His key, pen, chewing gum, wallet, handkerchief and blackberry torch. Just as he was about to place his phone in the bag, it started vibrating and Florida’s touch me began playing. WHAT THE? how on earth had that song gotten on his phone? Amy was calling. THE BITCH! Now she calls. She was the reason he was in this mess in the first place. The song kept playing as his phone vibrated and the paper bag was sealed. “this way sir. With that ringtone, the boys are sure gonna love you” said the officer chuckling as he led the way to the jail. Andrew had no idea how long he was going to be there. He felt his butthole clench. FUCK ME! Today was definitely not his day.

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I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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28 Responses to So You Think You Can Think (2)

  1. @Mz_Simon says:

    Hahaha! The butt-hole clenching thing is just…

  2. BBB says:

    so did you get your blog of the NBA site yet?

    • Nono says:

      Yes. Its been on the NBA site since last year. I’m assuming the “of” in ur question is supposed to be “on”. If I’m wrong then this answer is totally incorrect lol!

  3. BBB says:

    obviously he is only being detained since he still has his phone on him and ish, plus he must have been driving if he had keys in his pocket and obviously he isnt a rifraff sans the bb torch.
    so i think he was driving to see Amy, maybe she called him that she was stranded somewhere in a bar fight and he went to pick her, got there and they picked him up in a police raid?

    • Nono says:

      Woop! My first response LOL! Interesting….they were selling narcotics in the bar hence the raid abi? Lol! Tnx for having a go. Too many people are taking the chicken route. One person even told me I’m too intimidating. :(. That took away all the fun from the exercise. I’ll have my (not so intimidating)bit up tomorrow morning though :D.

  4. Slim says:

    Hmmmm…trying to think of a completely un-nollywoody beginning…

  5. Betty says:

    So, Amy’s father owns a conglomerate. Business tycoon- Chief- Political Aspirant- Father-of-one.
    His staff had been anticipating her return from Greece.. Who better to pick her up than Chief’s trusted P.A.? Andrew.
    He calls the number given him.. “Right here- in red.” Glamorous Amy is apparently Wild Amy.. Grinning at the up-tight Andrew, she asks to be taken for a ride first.
    Drawn into the adventurous aura that is Amy’s.. He cruises around Calabar listening to her diss his sane songs and few pictures on his phone. “No girlfriend? You gay?” Her chatter. Her stories.
    “Pull over!” She suddenly shouts. “I’ll take a cab home.”
    Confused, Andrew is flustered as she jumps out and hails a cab.
    Twenty minutes later, he is pulled over. Drugs, they say.
    “Huh? That’s not my bag! I swear!”
    “Where are the tags?”, they ask. “If it’s for who you claim it to belong to?”
    He tries Amy.. “The number you’re trying to reach is currently switched off..”
    He is carted away..

    I’m sorry.. Now that I read it, it looks silly. Oh well, I tried..

    😀 Do this more often! I had fun.

  6. @Mz_Simon says:

    So what can a girl possibly do to land a dude in police custody? Maybe she invited him over, but when he got to the house, there was a dead body, and she was nowhere to be seen, and before he could do anything, the police arrived, saw him at the scene, and carted him away, as the only person at the scene. X_X. Someone obviously called them just before he got there. Probably Amy. Yes? No?

    • Nono says:

      LOL! Possible scenario. There is no right or wrong answer. There are soooo many ways to get the ending in the post. I just wanted to see how different minds work. Yours is very possible. Doesn’t explain the Flo Rida ringtone though.

  7. pamela says:

    Ok, let me give it a go.

    Andrew works in a bank, Fairly descent guy. He worked hard to get where he is cos he’s from a poor family.
    One day amy walks into the bank, furious. She causes quite a stir. She tried to collect money from the bank’s atm over d weekend and it swallowed her card WTH!
    Andrew tries to calm her down. Says he ll fix it right away. He does, she smiles , they become fast friends. His phone rings, a default bb tone. She tells him he is boring to use such. She fiddles his phone and teases him, calls him dry. Then she says she knows just the song for him. She transfers flo rida’s song and sets it as his ring tone.

    Couple of days later, after many chats on bb , naked pictures and all, she invites him Over to her place. He gets there, they start making out. She says she likes it rough, ‘hit me. Hit me hard ‘. He refuses, says he can’t hit a woman. She gets angry asks him to leave. He does so. On d drive back home, he is picked up by the police. Turns out amy is a senators child and she just accused him of Rape.

    Whew this is hard. Dunno how u guys do it. It was fun though

    • Nono says:

      Hahahahahaha! VERY NICE. We do it one line @ a time lol! Very decent try. :D. Tnx for trying. Seeee You had fun. You should be thanking me jo :p.

  8. pamela says:

    Coming from u, am flattered. And Thank you.

  9. listener says:

    Andrew, 29 year old architect, recently divorced.
    Amy, his ex-wife, had rescheduled visiting hours for their 3 year old (the 4th change in two weeks).
    The background is that she’d found a note from a client of his. Note led to quarrel, quarrel led to “i should never have married you”, “i should never have married you” led to “Irreconciliable differences” which led to “The plaintiff is hereby awarded custody of their daughter, and a split of the assets”(Amy’s a kindergaren teacher, plus, It’s Massachusetts Baby!).

    Months later, on his way from his midtown gararge apartment to his former home in the suburbs (where Amy now lives with her new man) he runs a red light in his bid to get there on time and maximize the 2 hour/ month he has with his daughter. Cop nabs his sorry ass, Amy calls to say “N****, why are you late? you’ve got 30 mins left you #@&%!”
    My two cents.

  10. Jibola says:

    Wooo Nono my head’s in a funky place joo. I have deadlines biting my asss. *butt clench* So >:/ for now :p

  11. @Qurr says:

    Andrew is an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Residency at the General Hospital. He loves his weed, so even during lunch hours he drives down to his quarters 10 minutes from the consultancy wards. Of course he always has some mint chewing gum to mask the smell.

    Amy is a beautiful, wild young thing; Andrew’s patient. The type that makes doctors give patients placebos because they keep showing up for irrelevant complaints. He didn’t mind, though, because he enjoyed every bit of it. Till one day she seduced him; grabbed his gloved hand and applied pressure, tracing an outline. “Do I have to beg you to do more than just this?”. He had smiled. Thus began their numerous trysts, most times at his place; a couple of times at hers; mostly during weekends. She was his most consistent sexmate and she never bothered that there were others sometimes. She was Andrew’s ideal type of “bitch” – absolutely no emotional backpacks to slug around. They even used his stash of weed together and soon enough she had a spare key to his apartment.

    Today Andrew was completing his call and he was madly horny. Thankfully it’s Sunday and Amy had already arrived at his place, chilling. He sent her a Blackberry Message “No church today but I can’t wait to get there and worship at your own synagogue”. She replied with “Don’t be late! Offering time is… Blessing time”. He grinned like a fool.

    Getting home, she had prepared food for him. As he loosened his tie and dug in, she played with his sleek red Blackberry torch. Andrew didn’t fret anyway. Amy was not the kind of girl for whom he had to come up with answers for his actions and inactions. She never even asked the questions. He finished the food and turned to look at her hungrily, as his member steadily gained energy.

    Amy spoke up. “Andy I have a confession”. He replied, “Hey I should be the one making confessions at your temple!” They both laughed.
    “Lady Red is in town”
    “And you know it gets bad quickly. I can’t make it without some rolls, let alone conduct service”, she giggled.
    Andrew laughed in turn.
    “No problem. Just help yourself then.”
    “But I have done something very bad”, she insisted.
    “Hit me”, he replied.
    “I finished the kush already”, and she added a sad face for emphasis.
    What the f*ck?? All of that stash in 3 hours? His mind was racing and spinning but he kept his poker face. His cool mien was one steady quality that worked well in his profession.
    “That’s just wrong, Amy. You know it’s Sunday. Bola does not show up today. Where will we get some? And I need my morning drag tomorrow.”
    She stared at her toes and faltered “I… I know somewhere… em.. it’s not far… not far… from here. The tall… mallam beside… Audu’s house…”

    He tore off the dangling tie, tightened his belt and briskly walked out. Mondays were always a bitch. He needed him his blunts in the morning to survive the stress. He grabbed a large blue and white prescription bag and briskly left the house. He was certain about it: Amy had overstepped boundaries and she had to go. After she had her fill tonight, he would f*ck her brains out and that would be all.

    It hadn’t been so hard. The Mallam was even more generous than Bola usually was. As he rounded the last bend to the General Hospital, the friendly Nigerian police stopped him.
    “Good evening. Show yourself.” the policeman said, shining his torchlight into the car.
    “You never sabi me since all these days?” Andrew asked indignantly
    “No prove stubborn o. Let me see your ID card.”
    Then Andre realized he had removing the ID card and stethoscope handing from his neck before loosening his tie to eat.
    “I no carry am” he replied, and finished in fine English “I’m Dr Andrew Emmans, I work here at the General Hospital”
    “Park Well” the policeman replied, as the other two stepped aside to let him.
    “No problem Oga but I dey emergency. I no fit park now.”
    “Wetin you carry?” the man asked, pointing the torchlight at the blue and white nylon bag.
    “Medical supplies. People are dying and you are delaying me, Oga!!”
    “I want to see…”
    “Oga but why?”
    “Officer…” called out the policeman to the other two men standing at the side.
    Panic set in. Andrew stepped on the pedal but he didn’t get far, as the policeman held on to the car through the window and delivered a blow to the side of his face.

  12. @Mz_Simon says:

    This was written by a friend of mine (Nomsky)

    Scene 1
    The pressures of being in a
    committed relationship and having a tedious job, was getting hard for Andrew to bear. Stress was taking a toll on his body. He needed a break to spend time
    with his fiancée Ada, but he was awfully busy. She was
    complaining that she wasn’t getting any younger, occasionally threatening to end the relationship. This was getting to him.
    After giving the matter much
    thought, he decided to invite Amy over to his house so he could tell her their
    issues and help him beg Ada to consider, that the problem is partly beyond his
    control and that things would eventually work out.
    Amy was Ada’s
    younger sister and Andrew’s former supplier of cocaine until he quit and
    rehabilitated. The latter fact much unknown to Ada(the hidden facts of life).
    His immediate challenges gave him a renewed craving for the white substance and
    Amy would serve as a drug dealer and a relationship consultant. *somebody shout
    “killing two birds with…”*
    Amy came to see Andrew as
    arranged with 5 pounds of cocaine and her pair of ears for listening. She played
    around with his phone a bit and went to the extent of sending and assigning a
    song to her contact details. Touch Me. They both snorted about two lines of
    cocaine before she began to come on to him, she had liked him for so long and
    the thought of him being his sister irritated her. He tried to push her away
    but a girl on crack is a forceful one. She persisted!
    Ada drove into the compound and
    made her way into his living room seeing as the door was unlocked. The sight
    that beheld her almost made her puke. She crip-walked silently out of the house
    and made her way into the darkness, extremely angry and disappointed. They hadn’t noticed her.
    He eventually managed to push
    Amy away but she had slipped the remaining content of cocaine into his pocket.
    She walked out. He was stoned.
    He picked up his phone and
    invited Ada and his two closest friends to dinner; something to keep his mind
    off work and Amy. 
    Scene 2
    He woke up heartbroken, tragic
    scenes of last night still replaying in his head. He thought he had won her
    love. He had worked so hard and probably didn’t deserve to be left hanging when
    he proposed to Ada in the presence of his close buddies. He tried to mould out
    concrete reason as to this unforeseen disappointment but to no avail. Why have
    thou forsaken me?
    Ada had rejected his ring and
    negated the ultimate question that came before it. She shed a few crocodile
    tears and fled the scene without saying anything more than NO. The IM she sent to
    his blackberry as she boarded a taxi outside the restaurant read “I’m sorry I can’t
    do this” “I would be travelling to Abuja tomorrow morning to live there henceforth.
    Andrew hadn’t been this
    perplexed since he caught his computer engineering professor studying a user
    manual for his newly purchased Nokia 3310. I never thought those actually came
    with one.
    He took a deep breath and
    glanced at the wall clock. 8:12am. Her flight was to depart by 9am. He couldn’t
    let her leave without any sort of explanation after all this years of
    commitment. He was still putting on his yesterdays outfit. He made his way to
    the airport and barged into the premises with incessant acceleration. That was
    when he was apprehended and diverted into the questioning room by the airport
    security officer…

    Scene 3
    “Please empty your pocket into
    this paper bag” said
    the officer as he placed the brown paper bag infront of Andrew. Andrew was so angry;
    his hands shook as he brought out the contents of his pockets. His key, pen,
    chewing gum, wallet, handkerchief and blackberry torch. Just as he was about to
    place his phone in the bag, it started vibrating and Florida’s touch me began
    playing. WHAT
    THE? how
    on earth had that song gotten on his phone? Amy was calling. THE BITCH! Now she calls. She was the
    reason he was in this mess in the first place. The song kept playing as his
    phone vibrated and the paper bag was sealed.“this way sir. With that ringtone, the boys are sure gonna love
    you” said
    the officer chuckling as he led the way to the jail. Andrew had no idea how
    long he was going to be there. He felt his butthole clench. FUCK ME! Today was definitely not
    his day.

    • Nono says:

      Hahahahahahahahaha! Very Very Nice. I actually pictured Ada crip-walking out of the house after catching Andrew with Amy LMFAO! She must not have been very heartbroken LOL!. Loved the effort. Tnx Nomsky :).

  13. jemjem says:

    plenty writers in d pudding!

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