What are the odds???

“How may I help you sir?” asked Amanda of the immaculately dressed young man seated infront of her. Pacific Central bank was a great place to work in as far as she was concerned. Everyday she was sure of meeting atleast five eligible bachelors. Eligible to her equalled juicy account balances. This one didn’t look to be married. She’d looked for the ring and there was none. SCORE!. No dating service could top her office. She liked to consider herself cupid. She’d already fixed him up in her head with her friend Joy. “I’d like to open an account” he replied with a smile that lit up his handsome features. Amanda could swear she saw his lips move but for the life of her she didn’t know what he said. Damn! He reminded her of her Sammy. “sorry I didn’t quite catch that” she apologised. “I said I’d like to open an account” he replied a little impatiently as he glanced at his phone.

Andrew looked at his blackberry torch one more time. What was taking them so long? He was beginning to get very uncomfortable. This lady kept staring at him in an odd way. He glanced at her name tag…..Amanda. She was probably the slowest customer care person at the bank and maybe the deafest too. Just his luck. She finally gave him the form to fill and he dropped his phone on the table as he began filling…….

*message tone*

Andrew glanced at his phone on the table. Finally they were ready. The message was from Amy.

From: Amy
Its time. Steven just walked in.


“Everybody on the floor now!!!!” yelled Andrew as he pulled his gun from his jacket. Steven who had just walked into the bank pulled out his gun too. Amanda screamed and immediately got under her desk. She couldn’t believe what was happening. “O my God O my God O my God”. She was terrified and rightly so. Andrew fired into the ceiling. SCREAMS. For some reason all she could think of was Sammy, her boyfriend. He was supposed to come pick her up in thirty minutes. She didn’t want him walking straight into the robbery. She reached from under the table for her phone she’d left on her desk. She couldn’t find it. She stretched. There. She got it. Her blackberry torch Sammy had gotten for her on valentines day. She immediately switched the volume from loud to vibrate.

“Empty all your cash into this plastic bag” Steven instructed the cashier. The poor woman was so terrified her hands shook and some of the money fell on the floor. Andrew fired once more into the ceiling. “We haven’t got all day woman! Where is your manager?”. She pointed at the manager who was trying his best to blend in with the customers. Terrified SNITCH. “do you want to stand up or are you waiting for me to shoot you first?” asked Andrew. The Manager, Godwin, stood up. “Take me to the safe” barked Andrew as he picked his phone up from Amanda’s desk and followed the Manager out of the banking hall.

To: Amy
Robbery in progress at the bank. Don’t come till I tell you to.

Amanda contemplated adding more information to the message. She didn’t want Sammy alarmed.

To: Amy
Robbery in progress at the bank. I’m ok. Don’t come till I tell you to.

She sent the message. She’d stored Sammy’s name as Amy on her phone because of her mum. Her mother was the biggest snoop ever. Always getting in her business. At that moment, she realised just how much she wanted her mother. She started crying.

Andrew stood infront of the safe as the Manager opened it. Just then, he got a message.

From: Amy
Just saw Pacific Central in the news. Is everything ok?

He hissed. Was everything ok? Bitch had better be where she’s supposed to be when its time to leave he thought to himself. “Hurry up champ! I don’t have all day” he barked at the manager. He hated working with women. He much preferred working with men but this time, he had no choice. She was the best explosives expert he could find. There was no way they were going out the same way they came in. The police would have everywhere surrounded. Amy was to blow a hole through the wall and into the bathroom so they could escape. The bathroom shared the same wall with the abandoned building behind the bank. He replied her message just as the manager finally opened the safe.

To: Amy
Everything is ok. I’m almost done. Just be here on time


Amanda felt her phone vibrate. It was a message from Sammy.

From: Amy
What do you mean by don’t come? Are you changing the plan now? I’m here already.

She felt her chest tighten. She didn’t think she’s be able to live with herself if she got Sammy killed. The second man that was collecting the cash was still waving his gun around. Granted he hadn’t fired a single shot yet but she didn’t want to be the one to find out if his gun was loaded. She typed as fast as she could. She knew he wouldn’t listen to her but she had to try.

To: Amy
Plan changed. Go home. I’ll meet you there. Please.

She got a reply almost immediately

From: Amy
I’m leaving. Police have got everywhere surrounded. Hope you’ve got a better way of getting out of there. My fee still remains the same. Time is money bro!

Amanda stared at the phone. She knew fear could make people confused but what on earth was Sammy talking about? These thoughts occupied her mind as Steven, the second armed robber locked them all up in the manager’s office and left with the cash.

Andrew and Steven stood in the bathroom waiting for Amy to blow through the wall. They’d locked the manager in the safe.

*message tone*

From: Amy
I’m here already. The police are coming in now. I’m so terrified babe

Andrew stared at the phone. WHAT THE HELL!!!. When did he become her babe? This was one of the reasons why he hated working with women. He replied

To: Amy
What the hell are you waiting for? Work your magic already. We are in the bathroom

From: Amy

That was it. He was going to kill her. He was about to dial her number when he heard “Freeze! Don’t move. Pacific Central Police. Place your hands where we can see them. Now!!!!” and he and Steven were taken into custody.

“Please empty your pocket into this paper bag” said the officer as he placed the brown paper bag infront of Andrew. Andrew was so angry, his hands shook as he brought out the contents of his pockets. His key, pen, chewing gum, wallet, handkerchief and blackberry torch. Just as he was about to place his phone in the bag, it started vibrating and Flo rida’s touch me began playing. WHAT THE? how on earth had that song gotten on his phone? Amy was calling. THE BITCH! Now she calls. She was the reason he was in this mess in the first place. The song kept playing as his phone vibrated and the paper bag was sealed. “this way sir. With that ringtone, the boys are sure gonna love you” said the officer chuckling as he led the way to the jail. Andrew had no idea how long he was going to be there. He felt his butthole clench. FUCK ME! Today was definitely not his day.
THE END******************************

A huge thankyou to everyone that participated in “So you think you can think (2)”. Hope you liked what I did with the conclusion. Definitely gonna do this again soon. Had too much fun. Till then, have a wallpaper on your phone or better yet, buy one of those phone skins :p.

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32 Responses to What are the odds???

  1. ekwe says:

    oh my God!!!! this is freaking awesome!!!!!

  2. thetoolsman says:

    hahaha.. bravo.. well played….

  3. What the blooooooody hell!!! Creative creative creative!!! Damn! Way to go ma! Buh I’m still confused small o… Lemme look at it on a bigger screen. But maaaaa!!! This is lovely!!

  4. @oladayodejavu01 says:

    Waoh!!!!! U r something else

  5. listener says:

    Wow! very nice. Am i witnessing the first sribbles of a great writer? I think so. I really do think so. *Emptying my cup 4 when u get an Orange. The juice should taste good*

  6. @Mz_Simon says:

    Oh, wow! Love it!

  7. Yetti says:

    Aww..love it. This is really good. Sadly, I didn’t see the so you think you can think post on time. Wouldve loved to try my hands :(. Oh well! Its really good though

  8. afrosays says:

    Yaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaay!

  9. Joseph says:

    I’m like damn…Woooowwww….I’m like whoaaaa…Well done. Way better than mine. By far.

  10. aldmoni says:

    WHAT!!! crazy stuff. I feel mind cheated, don’t know why. Great plot. I’ll def try my hands on the next 1.

  11. @Qurr says:

    WOOOOO! I’m dizzy!!!

    Nono KILLED it mayne!!!!


  12. shettoo says:

    Damn!!! *clapping*….this is amazing

  13. kechilauren says:

    Wow!!!!!Nono..this is deffinitelyy winning!!!(Y)

  14. Jasmine says:


  15. ayanfalu says:

    Word play that tickles the mind all the way. Really good one! (Y)

  16. Betty says:

    Nono.. Gee.. You slayed us! This is awesome!
    When’s the next one?

  17. jumie says:

    Dammit! Ws almst mind-f*cked for a min dere. Lol. Nice one nono! :D. U always deliver (Y)

  18. Son1aO says:

    loved it …hahaha, very nice

  19. 'Dania says:

    I think what i really like is that none of us saw it coming.

    I love the way your mind works. *applause*

  20. Ricdizzle says:

    *applause* Impressive stuff nono!

  21. This is beautiful! I like very very much…

  22. pamela says:

    Very nice indeed. You should be writing for some action tv series. Well done.

  23. Mehn…all I do these days is just read blogs…hian…una no go kill person with great writing…gud stuff girl…rili gud stuff…
    PS: r u on twitter?

  24. Enigma says:

    Nice try, couple of mistakes here and there though and too many inconsistencies.

  25. Funmi says:

    Absolutely enthralling!!! Mind was racing all through!! All fingers up!

  26. jemjem says:

    dnt mind ”miss inconsistencies”,she prolly didn get it..or myt hav bn lookin for a chance to use d long word!&
    thumbs up NONO! #luvumucho #nohomo

  27. Dee says:

    Wow!!!! U totally killed it….

  28. alahyor says:


  29. Damn girl! Too much talent. I hail

  30. isantonio89 says:

    nono, one word NICE!!!!!!!! haha. what an unlucky day for andrew. i’m sure he wishes he never bought the blackberry torch because of the phone mix-up. Need more stories like this. keep it up o

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