Hey guys! Yea I know it feels like I’m on some kind of hiatus but really it’s not on purpose. I’m just mad busy and so tired at the end of the day, its really hard to think. Getting my MBA and for those of you that care, its been going great and I’m learning a lot about myself but like I said, its very intense. Enough about me though…. Let’s talk about this post. It was written by my brother Dexter(yea it runs in the family) and I found it weirdly different. Hopefully I’ll be able to churn out some interesting posts during the christmas break or sometime before that but till then, here’s Sparkle.


I fly towards the sun, hoping to remain in its rays for as long as possible. A hopeful feat, though I’m aware of its futility. The breeze blows me off course, and while I would’ve enjoyed riding in its currents, my feelings of apprehension for the night’s events sap all whimsical feelings. The red sky turns purple as, helplessly, I watch the sun fade away, taking my joy with it.


The howls of the wolves from the forest behind me usher in the night. Bats fly up ahead as if on cue, comfortable in their element, clearly oblivious to the terrors below. A cold wind blows and guttural growls seep from the forest. Goosebumps. My hairs stand. My hands quiver. My heart races.

It begins.

I fly towards the forest as my vision blurs and clears again, slowly. My world is now monochrome. Blood pounds in my ears. The thirst begins insidiously, and in minutes, I am consumed by it. All fear is blown away as my senses and primal urges heighten. The smells intoxicate me: the forest floor, the rotting wood, animal dung, ferns, leaves, mold. And fur. I seek out its source, flitting past the branches projecting into my path. The scent of urine. I must be close.
My prize appears, hidden in its tree hole. A young squirrel. I dash for it and a brush of sanity interrupts my movements. What am I doing? I don’t have to do this. When the sun rises, all will be well again. I drift away from the small beast and it begins to scratch, releasing its musk into the air. I am overpowered by its scent. I surrender to my thirst.
I pounce, digging my elongated nails into its tough flesh. A terrified squeal escapes as we fall to the forest floor. I revel in its pain as I clamp my teeth on its neck. The sweet taste of blood. The beast struggles as I tear into its flesh, ripping sinews of muscle, feeding my hunger for meat and blood. The smell of the blood and its quivering corpse drive me on as I rip, bite, drink all I can take from its body. After a few moments, it lays lifeless. I feed until I can take no more. Another squeal escapes, this time from my lips as I sink into the rapturous moment of my kill.


A female voice calls out, startling me out of my moment and I’m consumed with the desire to kill this intruder. I’m stopped by another moment of sanity: the voice spoke my name. I turn around, slowly. It’s Violet, fluttering above, looking forlorn yet euphoric, in a shredded blood-soaked dress. Blood drips from her petite mouth as she smiles slowly at me. I smile back, involuntarily.

I’m not alone.


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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3 Responses to Sparkle

  1. Young J. says:

    A Freakin Fairy …. Hahahahaha

  2. johnny walker says:

    rabid rabid dog that bites, paint the streets with blood red brite
    runner runner man that screams, scream your way out of this dream
    drummer drummer skins you beat, lets see if this old bone would fit
    the eagle calls the serpent flees with mice alike and kittens too
    the moon is bright, the wolf doth howl calling forth the bats to feast
    while old and young unite in sleep as beings unseen in forests deep
    unable to hear the children weep as all that can and must and will
    go well go wrong go right go ill.

  3. Adiya says:

    Yikes!! So well written


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