Hey guys! How’s everyone been? Yea I know its been ages but I’m back at least for the holiday period. The piece I’m about to share was written by me for a series going on right now on a friend’s blog that featured some AMAZING writers. Its called “the 12 days of christmas” and u should check it out( My theme for the series was mystery which I must say I was elated to have gotten. I just love getting people confused lol! The piece is called TROIS(obviously) and its a mystery piece I must say I’m very proud of. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. See you soon…..

The sisters stared at him as he moved toward them with the blade in his right hand. “I’m going to gut y’all like trouts. Ungrateful bitches”. “Please don’t hurt us” they cried in French. “We’ll be very good. We won’t tell anybody”. “When I’m done with y’all, you won’t be able to tell anyone anything” the man replied with a sneer. He lunged at them catching her in the arm with the blade. Blood was everywhere. “Make it stop please! Make it stop” she begged her sisters. He came at them again. Spittle flying as he giggled…..

“Angie is everything ok?” asked Amanda as she stared at her patient. It was happening again. Angie had come in about a year ago with severe multiple personality disorder. She’d had the same dream all three hundred and two nights she’d stayed at St Mary’s hospital, Iowa and she always woke up screaming. Amanda was very intrigued and worried by Angie’s case. Unlike other personality disorder cases she had, Angie’s personalities seemed to be somewhere else whenever they appeared. “Doc can’t you tell this isn’t Angie? What on earth are we paying you for?” she replied as her whole demeanor changed. “Hello Stephanie.  Good morning” Stephanie was the loud and sometimes violent one who usually came out when Angie felt threatened. “There isn’t anything good about the morning. I was in the middle of something before that stupid dream brought me here. Aren’t you guys supposed to be fixing us? Never mind. Soon it’ll be over and we can get out of here”. “Soon what will be over?” asked Amanda. “None of your fucking business” she replied with a hint of a smile.

It was the ninth day of Christmas and as usual, the queue for Santa’s lap could have made it into the Guinness book of records.  She envied their innocence. Hers had been taken away from her at a very tender age. Her heart beat faster as the queue moved forward. Everything was ready to go. She’d been planning this for as long as she could remember. Yea the details had changed countless times but the end goal was always the same; his slow and agonizing death. “Step right up Miss and tell Santa what you want for Christmas”. She froze at the voice. That voice that had haunted her dreams for so many nights. That voice…..”Come on up here and make Santa a very happy man” he crooned as the audience chuckled at his joke. It was now or never. She stepped onto the platform, sat on his lap, bent towards his ear and whispered “all I want for Christmas is to see you choke on your own spittle. This is Stephanie by the way. Fucking pedophile” she said as she pricked him with the rose yellow and white gold combination charm bracelet she’d had specially made to contain poison in one of the petals. She watched his eyes widen as he recognized who she was. “You have to understand I was a diff….” he began as she slowly shook her head. “I’m not interested in your excuses. Aurevoir old man” she whispered as she stood up and walked calmly out of the store.

Five minutes later, the poison began to shut down his system. They tried to help him but it was too late. His screams could be heard about a block away as he slowly and very painfully died. She watched through the store window as he took his last breath. Finally, it was over.

Maggie sat at the police station after being brought in for questioning. Apparently one of the other people in the queue had seen a lady matching her description do something to Santa whose real name was Isaiah Drew. “Ma’am do you know this man?” the detective asked. “No I do not” she replied. “He was just poisoned and many people can place you at the scene of the crime”. “I’m certain it was not me but before we proceed, I must tell you that there are three of me. I was born a triplet so it is entirely possible your on lookers saw one of my sisters or someone that looks like me” she replied. “How convenient. Where are your sisters now?” he asked. “I couldn’t say. We were separated after our parents died” she replied. The detective had never gotten a case like this. “Stay here. I’ll be right back” he instructed before leaving the room.

“I’m in trouble Doc” said Angie to her therapist. “What do you mean?” asked Amanda. “I mean I’ve been arrested” she replied. “Angie I don’t understand”. “Stephanie did a very bad thing but she did it for all of us and now they think I did it. This is Maggie by the way. Steph was right. By now you should know who is who” replied Maggie. Amanda was deeply puzzled. Were they really three different people? “Where are you now?” “I’m at the police station” she replied. Amanda was extremely intrigued and this made her drive down to the station with Angie. “I’m here to talk to the Detective in charge of Maggie Cook’s case” she told the first officer she saw. “Go in and ask for Detective Abrams. He can’t shut up about how complicated his case is. Like we don’t all have complicated cases” he replied.

Detective Abrams was a short man with a bald head and a very weird looking moustache. He’d been trying to check their less than up to date database with a prayer on his lips for the records of the three sisters if they did exist before he was called to see someone asking about his case. “Good evening Detective, I’m here to talk to you about the Cook case”. “How do you know about the Cook case?” asked the Detective. “Well, you’ll think this very strange but Maggie just called me to help her” she replied. “Ma’am did the boys on patrol send you up here? Tell them I’m way too busy for their charades” he replied. “I’m sorry if it seems like I’m joking but I am a therapist and I have a multiple personality disorder patient named Angie who happens to be in the lobby right now. Her other personalities; Maggie and Stephanie show up from time to time. Maggie showed up and told me she was at the station. She also said Stephanie committed whatever crime you have Maggie in here for”. The detective was so surprised; his expression was one of utter disbelief. He took a minute to gather his thoughts. “Please can you bring this Angie up?” he asked. “Yes I can. I left her downstairs” replied Amanda.

Both sisters were identical to the littlest detail. Amanda could not believe her eyes. So Maggie really existed. This must mean Stephanie did too. Detective Abrams sat down on his seat with a defeated look. They could never take this case to court and win unless they found the final sister or at least got some physical evidence from the crime scene which didn’t seem to exist. He had finally been able to pull up records of the three sisters from the database. He had no choice but to let both of them go. Maggie and Angie smiled knowingly to themselves as they walked out of the police station hand in hand. It’d been over a year……

In a little village somewhere in France, an old dame arranged white lilies in front of a tombstone. It was now twenty-one years since she’d lost her babies. Technically only one of them had died that day –She’d given up her life to save her sisters – but the other two had never been the same again. She cursed the sailor who’d taken her babies from her. Isaiah. She didn’t’ think she was ever going to forget the name. She said a little prayer for the soul of her dead child and for her other two wherever they were, picked up her basket and headed home. The name on the tombstone read Stephanie Dupont.


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  1. Odyboo says:

    Wow! Intriguing!

  2. Atare says:

    Very nice…. Welcome back

  3. TheManya says:

    Wow! Mind = Blown

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