Half empty or Half full???

The two friends sat under the mango tree in their usual spot watching as people went by. A baby could be heard crying in the distance as he sought some attention from his mother. Occasionally, a molue (bus) went by with passengers returning from the town..

“Did you hear what happened to the Ahmed?” asked the taller of the two.

“No I did not” replied the shorter one as he concentrated on peeling the mango that had just fallen into his lap

“He is in the hospital now. His wife almost killed him last night?”

What did she do?”

“She broke his instrument”

“I don’t understand how a broken instrument will land him in the hospital?” replied the shorter

“I mean she broke his instrument” said the taller as he moved his right arm to his crotch.

“oooooh!” exclaimed the shorter as realisation dawned on him. “How is he now?”

I hear he will live” he replied.

They sat in silence for about two minutes deep in thought. The shorter had thrown away the mango seed and was busy washing his hands with a sachet of pure water.

“Did you see the jeep bring Nkechi back last night?”

“Yes I did o!” replied Obi who was a good foot taller than his friend of about twenty years. “I hear Nkechi is now selling herself for money” he added.

“You cannot be serious” replied Chidi. He had finished washing his hands and was picking at pieces of mango stuck in his teeth. “What is Uche doing about it?”  he asked.

“That is what baffles me. I hear she and Uche are sharing the money” replied Obi.

“Ehen!!!” exclaimed Chidi. “What is our town turning into? Broken instruments and joint ventures”.

“Which one is joint ventures again? You and your big grammar. I was talking to Amaka this morning and she said she thought Uche must really love and understand his wife. According to her, their relationship must be really open for her to have told her husband about her sugar-daddy”

What manner of nonsense is that one? Are you sure your wife is not sniffing glue? Love ke. Uche is just reaping the benefits before he throws her to the curb. which man do you think in his right senses will let his wife be sleeping with another man and still say he loves her? Uche does not love her jo. He is just being practical. What sense is there in leaving her now when he can stay and join her in spending the sugardaddy’s money?” replied Chidi in a near shout.

“Take it easy na. You are acting like i am the one who got a sugardaddy. Amaka was just saying that there are two ways to look at the whole situation. You know they are owing practically everyone in the town and Papa Chuks has threatened to bring the police if they do not pay by the end of this month. Also, I hear their son was thrown out of school last week because they have not paid any fees this year. Things are very hard for them”

“Hmmm……Obi I am surprised at your wife o! So she thinks there is such a thing as a good enough reason for a woman to sell her body?”

 “That is exactly what I asked her this morning” replied Obi. “She just said she was not taking sides but that before I condemn both of them, I should look at both sides of the coin”

“Condemn both of them ke? The only person I am condemning is Nkechi jo. Uche is playing the smartest card he has. As soon as this spring runs dry he will take off” said Chidi as he burped loudly.

“Me i don’t know again o! I think it is very hard to judge what the motives are from a distance. You know how my wife is; always looking at the glass half full. I think it is possible that she is right but i don’t want to believe Uche will let his wife sell herself just to settle some debts. I’ve always seen him as a man”.

“Well I have said my own. Half full ke? That glass is half empty…in fact it is fully empty.They are just bidding their time before they throw away the glass.” replied Chidi. “Abeg you get cigga?” He asked as he eyed a mosquito that had just perched on his leg.

This Post was inspired by something someone i know said today. He was in the situation Chidi and Obi just spoke about and he both loved his girlfriend and enjoyed the things her sugar-daddy gave to her with her. According to him, it was an arrangement they both had and understood. What do you think? Is it possible to love someone and let the person sleep around? Half empty or Half full?


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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7 Responses to Half empty or Half full???

  1. Jemjem says:

    Lol..I tink I’m wit chidi… It’s an empty glass… It’s only Hosea in d bible dat accepted his whorish wife… No one I kno will hv any respect for such a wife in ds time…
    Mnyle u were mixin up nkechi n amaka’s names.. 🙂

  2. Bass3y says:

    Guess who’s back… Back again… Nono’s back… Tell your friends… Nono’s back, Nono’s back, Nono’s back… *insert Just Lose It instrumentals*…
    Now to the post, I think it’s possible. Afterall na condition dey make crayfish bend.

  3. quincessmdee says:

    I can’t allow it. No matter the reason. I’m just not one to share something so intimate as a lover.
    However, I’ve never been pushed to ‘practicalise’ this ground I believe I stand on, so mine is not a 100% legit claim.

  4. aldmoni says:

    Well, its quite difficult to judge his case. Life throws many things at us; some straight, some curved. But, as a Man, there are certain things that reduce you…this is one of them. I would prefer for him to call her his “understanding friend” than a girlfriend.

  5. Mz. T says:

    A boyfriend is different from a husband though. And regardless of what men say, I think most of them are truly possessive creatures. I don’t think a man who truly loved his wife would be comfortable with letting her sleep with another man.

  6. SapphireChic says:

    This is the thing,if you truly love someone,u wouldn’t want to share them. Yes condition bends the crayfish but after the crayfish is all straightened out and flourishing, the man throws out the ‘slut’ who used their condition to ‘treat him less than a man’. Ignorance is bliss…….its easier to look the other way n ignore the tiny little voices in ur head telling you ur wife’s whoring than for you to witness her being dropped off at home by her lover(s) after hours of pummelling, suckling and all what not!
    Under normal circumstances,glass should be seen as half-full but this is ur wife o!
    Condition might make make you do that which you ordinarily wouldn’t do but once the condition is over……..you’d have to answer query! Chikena!

  7. @kene_co says:

    Love is a weird weird thing. So I guess I’d say yes to your question. It may be a little difficult to understand, but I do think a guy could love his girlfriend even if he knows she has sugar daddies. Like 1 in 10. Or 100.
    Shey people date adult movie stars? Its not easy, but I won’t say its impossible.

    This kain weird love. I’m sorry, but I do not imagine most men as capable of. And I only say ‘most’ because I’m trying to not make a generalisation. If conditions are at the worst, for both of them, perhaps. But if he’s comfortable stunting, being excessive off sugar daddy’s money, I think there’s a problem.

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