So You Think You Can Think(5)

Hey guys! I am very happy to say SYTYCT is BACKKKK!!!!!. For the newbies, it’s the acronym for the name of this post and it’s a series I ran on the blog where people completed stories from a few given lines. You can go through the archives for a better sense of the series. Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting ever so patiently for the series to continue. To those who have been threatening me, I’m here to say *in Davido’s voice* my jazz is bigger than yours :p. Anyway, SYTYCT is back and we’re on 5 already :D. *insert happy dance*. Moving on….

Ever listened to a song and paused it somewhere because what was said was so deep you needed a few minutes to take it all in? No? Well….you need to listen to better songs :p. This time on SYTYCT, I want to do something a little different :). I want us to write stories around the lyrics of a particular song. I’ll include the lyrics I want us to concentrate on and a download link for those that’ll like to get a sense of the song before writing. What could have been going on when that song was written? What was the person thinking of? What could the lyric mean? How can the lyric be interpreted? You are allowed to be as deep, as literal, as sad, as funny, as anything as you want to be but not off point sha lol! As always, the aim is to be as creative as possible. Test your think-o-meter.

My best friend sent me this song a while back and it’s been playing in my head recently. It’s Hazy by Rosi Golan ft William Fitzsimmons. DOWNLOAD

“I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed/
You don’t know this now but there’s some things that need to be said/
It’s all that I can hear/
It’s more than I can bear/
What if I fall and hurt myself/
Would you know how to fix me/
What if I went and lost myself/
Would you know where to find me/
If I forgot who I am/
Would you please remind me/
Cos without you things go hazy”

That’s the part of the song I want us to concentrate on in whatever we write. As usual, post your piece in the comments section. Really really looking forward to seeing what YOU come up with. I’ll put up mine a week from now or earlier depending on my excitement level but no later that a week. Ooooooo I’m excited 😀

About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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6 Responses to So You Think You Can Think(5)

  1. Inem says:

    THIS IS MY OWN STORY; I am not much of a good writer though….took me so much courage to post this here.

    Where do I start?
    I am Tony, I am 28 years old and I have an MBA…I am currently managing my dad’s company.
    During my childhood I had a crush on Monica. She was my best friend back then…not just that, we were family friends too. We used to do almost everything together. We attended the same school as kids, I was a class ahead of her and she was a year younger than me age-wise. Our parents used to call her my wife and I always said I would marry her someday. Monica was very beautiful, she had long hair, a wonderful smile, had dimples, had great sense of humour and was very smart and intelligent. We were friends for as long as I can remember. Our friendship got strayed a bit when we left to secondary school. I went to an All boys school and she went to an All Girls school. Nevertheless, we still used to hang out and visit each other during the holidays. I came back on holidays in my third year in secondary school to hear that Monica had travelled to U.S. I was heartbroken, she didn’t even leave a note. When my mum told me the news, I tried to be a man and just said, “okay”…when I got to my room, I locked the door and cried for 2hours straight and then slept off. My mum noticed that I had changed and I didn’t look happy so she suspected it was because of what she told me. She called Monica’s mum who had also travelled with Monica, that’s how I got to speak with Monica then she told me she was sorry, that the need to leave Nigeria was very urgent and that she still liked me and would never forget me. That she would call and speak with me whenever she could and maybe come visit me sometime. However, she called two times after that and stopped. Her mum returned to Nigeria 2 years after but without Monica, but Monica sent me a note that she wouldn’t be coming home soon. I never heard from her after that.
    Many years on, finding a girl like Monica was difficult. All through my undergraduate years, I met no girl who touched my heart or made me feel the way I did with Monica…I still searched and searched, my search came to an end one day. It was a hot afternoon at the office. I didn’t have a lot of work to do and my secretary obtained permission to go home for one hour. So I came out of my office and took her seat, picked up a magazine and began to read. I was really engrossed in it…and then I heard, “Tah!” my heart leaped, “Jesus!” I exclaimed. I looked up from the magazine to see this beautiful young lady. She was laughing at me and she said, “Gotcha! I am here to see your boss”. I was mesmerized by her beauty so I just kept staring. She continued, “Hello!” waving her hand in my face, “I am here to see your boss”. Then I snapped out of the staring state and said, “Oh, I am sorry”, I cleared my throat, got up from my seat, extended my right hand for a handshake and said, “Tony Briggs, I am the boss here”.
    She smiled with some form of surprise on her face, “you have got to be kidding, you are cuter than I thought you would be”. I smiled a bit, how could a lady have this much sense of humour. She continued, “um…never mind. Theresa Maples. My boss, the CEO of Tonye Holdings, asked me to come meet you concerning the proposal she sent to you few hours ago” “okay…great. Let’s go into my office” I moved and opened the door, “after you” , I said and she walked infront of me into my office. Right there, I knew within me that I had found another Monica or maybe someone better. I managed to get Tess’ cell number, I bet she didn’t know what I was going to use it for…maybe she thought it was for an offical reason. I called 3 days after, and asked her out on a date, she acted tough though…but she agreed to dinner with me 1 week later. That was the beginning of our romance. We have been dating for 4 years. Just last year, she left to UK for her MSc. I clearly remembered that hug she gave me at the airport, I felt at home, a tear did drop from my eye because I was sad. We had never been that far apart. I hadn’t seen her since then. The moment she left, my life became a bit lonely, no one to come cook dinner with me, no one to do movie night with, no one to walk the red carpets with me. I just withdrew from public eye a bit.

    4 months after she left, Monica called me. I didn’t want to know how she got my number but I was just shocked. The last time I heard from her mum was when she called to say her daughter was getting married, deep down in me I wasn’t happy because she didn’t call to tell me herself but I wished her well because I already had Tess. To what I owed the call I asked. She said she was coming home to celebrate her graduation from law school and that she was kinda inviting me. Well, I hadn’t been to any party since Tes travelled so I promised to attend. I went for the party, she was really excited to see me so were her parents. I was happy too…she had grown. She was around me the whole time at her party. After the party, I went to her room so we were looking at pictures and drinking wine. It was then I got to know she had divorced her husband and she had even started smoking. She began to tell me of all what she has been through while in the States, she even began to cry and wanted me to hold her. Deep down inside of me, I realized I still loved her even when I was already in love with Tess. Things actually got out of hand and that night, we had sex. When I woke the next morning with Monica in my arms, and realized I had actually cheated on Tess, I quickly got dressed and left Monica’s parents’ house. I got confused and sad at the same time because I knew how disappointed Tess would be if she ever got to know I had sex with Monica. I just prayed she would never get to know. I called Monica and told her my girlfriend should never get to know. She told me I should trust her that no one would ever know except the two of us. A week later, Monica called me to say she had gone back to the states. Gradually, I forgot about the incidence and I moved on. I got a shocking call 2 months later, it was Monica telling me she just got to know from her doctor that she was 2 months pregnant for me. I trembled in my shoes, the news had thrown me off balance. When she mentioned the word, “pregnant” my heart had stopped for two seconds. I hung up on her…few minutes later, Monica’s mother called to tell me she confirmed the pregnancy and that she was happy. My dad called to tell me how disappointed he was in me, my mum called to tell me she didn’t know what to believe and expressed shock. Tess had called too, I thought she had heard, but she didn’t, she said she called to know if I was fine, that she had a bad dream about me. I told her I was fine. For 2days I couldn’t leave home or go to the office, it was like I had lost my mind.
    I summoned up courage and called Monica and told her I would accept responsibility for the pregnancy that it was just a silly mistake I made but that we couldn’t get married because I was in love with someone else, she cried and cursed me on the phone. Few hours later, her mum called me to tell me she had attempted suicide and was at the hospital, that she had been calling my name and the doctors suggested I came over to see her. I could hear the threat in Mrs. Etim’s voice as she said, “if anything happens to my daughter, you are so dead young man”. My parents suggested I travel to see Monica. I got my visa ready 2 days ago and my flight had been booked when I got a call, it was from Tess. She called me to tell me she had 1 week free and that she would be coming to spend that week with me in Nigeria.
    I quickly exclaimed, “what???”
    She asked with some form of surprise in her voice, “is there a problem?”
    “no! Actually I am just happy you are coming”
    “okay, see you soon, boo. I love you”
    “I love you too”
    I then knew I was in trouble.

    I went over to my dad’s to tell him I was travelling, the only thing he said was “Son, be a man, you have known that girl for years, if she has your child, you will have to marry her, that, I am serious. Whether you like it or not”. My mum begged me not to make any stupid decision that she was expecting a grandchild soon. Apparently, I was shocked because no one talked about Tess. So I said, “How about Tess?”
    “ What about her?”” Mum asked.
    “Come on, she is my girlfriend…and…”
    Mum interrupted, “you should have thought of that before you slept with Monica”.
    ”Mum, I didn’t mean to, things just got out of hand”,
    Mum clapped, “interesting!”and then giggled and said, “my son, life is full of surprises but right now, I am not surprised”.
    “Mum, Tess is coming to town tomorrow and how do I tell her?”
    “Let her sleep over at your place, you can tell her in the morning. Simple!”
    “Mum, I can’t believe you are talking like this. I thought you loved her and you always said you wanted her as your daughter in-law”
    “oh, son! I still love her but come on, face it, she is not the one carrying your baby is she? You are my only child, you know. Snap out of this. Be happy for me, I have a grandchild on the way. Anyway, do what you have to do. Will see you tomorrow, I am going to bed”
    She walked out of the room. I didn’t know who to talk to. Even Ubong, my own best friend said,” come on man, forget this love thing, marry Monica, you don’t want your child to be illegitimate do you? You can tell Tess when she gets here, she will understand. I know”.

    I lay in my bed that night sleepless. The next morning by 10am I was at the airport. The moment Tess saw me, she started running, as she ran, I could see her face beaming with a smile, I could imagine how excited she was. No doubt I was happy to see her, but I still had a burden laying heavy on my chest so I just had to fake the excitement. She jumped into my arms, kissed my forehead and hugged me screaming, “I missed you boo”. I replied,
    “I missed you too”. We went got her bags and I dropped her at her house, greeted her parents who were excited to see me too after a long while. I went back home after dining with them. In the evening, Tess showed up and said she wanted to spend the night with me. We gisted, looked at pictures, watched a movie, cuddled and then she slept off in my arms. I carried her to the bed.
    It is now 2 a.m. And I have been watching Tess sleep wondering how I am going to break the news to her and tell why I was leaving Nigeria tomorrow. To calm my mind, I just decided to put on my headset and listen to Rhythm93.7, this song then began to play…
    It’s Hazy by Rosi Golan ft William Fitzsimmons.
    “I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed/
    You don’t know this now but there’s some things that need to be said/
    It’s all that I can hear/
    It’s more than I can bear/
    What if I fall and hurt myself/
    Would you know how to fix me/
    What if I went and lost myself/
    Would you know where to find me/
    If I forgot who I am/
    Would you please remind me/
    Cos without you things go hazy”
    It felt like the perfect song and the kind of words I needed to hear so I downloaded on my phone and put it on replay, I am listening to it while I watch her sleep. When she finally wakes up, how do I tell her?
    Where do I start?

    • Nono says:

      First off, thanks for contributing. When I saw your comment b4 the story I was expecting 200 words but boy was I surprised lol! Wonderful attempt from “not much of a good writer” lol! Don’t short sell yourself dear. U did good :).

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  3. Inem says:

    Awwwwwwww…..thanks, dear!

  4. @Taipan_ says:

    I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed, your feet spilling past points where mine have always been just shy of reaching. Such lengths of genetic extravagance have always never gone unnoticed, especially back in those times when like a palm tree in a June rainstorm, you were buffeted by jeers and taunts from our form four classmates.
    “See as she be sef! Ur papa no need rope to tap palm wine. E fit just climb on top your head”
    “Before reach d head e for don climb d bottom, abi no be so?” says Ndiana, champion swimmer and village bully. A chourus of “Na so!” rippled through the sand and dust of ikom community primary school playground, followed by more laughter and jeers.
    A week later I took three of his teeth, he took one of mine.
    Children could be such devils.
    Especially when the disciplinary arm of their fathers are away fighting a war against other fathers of children from across the big Ibo river. I had asked my mother once if our fathers fought because they could not control the quick tongues of their children. She laughed, and sent me to fetch more firewood.
    Months later, a lorry would drive through my sleep as I lay wedged between two branches of a mango tree, sleeping off my mother’s insistent call that I should help Aniekan harvest cassava.
    That lorry would take you away to the big city, out of my life; out of my dreams.
    That was a long time ago.

    CMS pulsed under a persistent June heat, hawkers jostled with one another for attention. Anini stood, blocking all but the headlines of Concord Daily. “BULLET PARTY IN BENIN” it read. “Na lie bo!” squeaked a small scholarly looking bus driver in a faded suit and leather sandals.
    “Lawrence and me been dey park taxi for the same corner for before we go drink mama Nosa shepe. No be im face be dat. Dis people sabi talk lie!”
    He went on, while I stood still, withering beneath lunch hour’s unhappy sun. Finally, a beat up datsun taxi pulled up.
    “U dey go?”
    Yes please. Olayiwola Street.
    “Na 3 Naira I go collect O!”
    Isn’t that too much? Ehn? Why three Naira and not three hundred? Mscheeew!
    “Okay, u go pay two naira fifty kobo?”
    “I am paying two”
    “Oya enter”
    The drive took all of five minutes; I noticed the driver kept glancing at me through the rearview mirror.
    “I owe you?”
    “Well, yes you haven’t paid yet.” He said, smiling out the words. Something about the smile made me pause in my acid-laced retort, and then it was clear.
    That taxi drove two decades into my past.

    You had changed. When you were younger you were plane lines and rumples. But now at middle age, those creases have smoothened out into classic curves, so while your peers are busy propping up, you were getting down, dancing through the night.
    And what a first night it was when talked seated in my car that evening; the whole world sped past; specks of transient unimpressive light.
    There were many more times like that; you talked me into things I hadn’t the slightest idea about, I talked you out of always saying yes to your bitch of a boss.
    “You don’t know this now but there are some things that need to be said sometimes rather than depend on someone else to pick up a vibe he/she is not looking for”. I once shouted.
    A few months later at the party celebrating your promotion, you bought me my first tie. I still don’t know what to do with it.

    “I am leaving you.”
    Chandler and Michelle sit across from each other looking stoic and unattractive. This was supposed to be a sitcom. Fire the director.
    I didn’t write the script. You smile, look back once more, and your size 44 boots crunch gravel on the driveway. For a moment, its all that I can hear, its more than I can bear.
    Chandler slides to floor and cries.
    The scene changes.
    “What if I fall and hurt myself? Would you know how to fix me?” asks Nancy
    “I am not quite sure. You didn’t come with a manual or anything of the sort did you?” Joey replies.
    *cue in comedic laugh*
    Joey has always been a clown.
    NEPA “takes light”, the old man in living alone in the adjoining flat swears in a loud voice.

    Ever After.
    The half filled seats are dappled with sunlight streaming down from windows perched high above many familiar grey heads. Adrian’s is the only dark pate around. He is squeezed into one of these newfangled plastic chairs. Whatever happened to long sturdy oak chairs that…”
    You walk in, and I see how it could only have been you all these years, being there when I needed you.
    And here you are again. I see that you are wearing the tie I got you after my first promotion. You wink from across the room, I wink back a tear.
    That evening after friends and family had left, and Adrian and his wife were busy cleaning while his daughters ate up what was left of the wedding cake, we sat in the balcony talking and being quiet.
    “What if I went and lost myself, would you know where to find me?” I asked.
    “Yes I would. I always find you.”
    After a pause, you hold me closer and whisper:
    “If I forgot who I am, would you please remind me”
    “Cos without you things go hazy”
    I snuggle even closer. Outside, in the failing April light, Lagos wakes up from sleep.

  5. hrh7 says:

    @imem, wow. Ur a great writer. Stop being self effacing. @nono, i might steal this idea

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