Of Dreams and Excuses……..


I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been exactly 2 years, 5 months and 27 days since my last post. I would wait 3 more days to make it exactly 2.5 years before typing this (because I’m weird like that) but I think (and you probably agree) I’ve delayed this post for long enough….

Ok…..let me catch you up on what’s been going on with me…..I’m done with my MBA *insert massive grin and a virtual pat on my back*….I’ve been working for almost 2 years now at a leading multinational FMCG where I work in Customer business development. I manage over 70 people and live a very very very busy life……I have won 6 awards since joining the company, am on a very good career path and I’m not even 26 yet. 

I mention that last part (you really didn’t need to know that :p) because it ties in to the very essence of this post. 2 days ago, I stumbled upon a page on Instagram that has more or less given me the last push I needed. So the author of the page is a photographer who includes short stories with every picture he puts up. Now I have seen a lot of photography pages and this was the first one that had such an impact I can’t explain it. Every story I read made me want to write again. He had this unique way of creating characters around his pictures…..it was really something. 

I think I realised while going through that page that I have been waiting for a perfect time to return to my first love. As much as my life right now is someone’s dream, it is not mine. I am one of those people who can do a lot of things (I’m not being smug here, it’s just a fact) so I find that I get confused a lot. I have so many paths I can take that lead to success but very few paths that can lead to happiness. I have this dream of finishing a screenplay this year but I have made a lot of excuses…..we are in April  now (OMG where did the year go?)

I have decided to stop making excuses. Someone told me a few months ago that I am not a tree :). It sounds funny but it’s so true. We often act like we are stuck in certain situations/realities and we assume the victim role. I am not a tree. I have a great life, I love my job, I am doing well (although my mum will beg me to stop doing so well before I chase all the men away loooool. I will talk about this one in another post) but I could be happier. I want to see my mind become reality. I want to turn my writing to pictures. I think this is another reason his page was such a reality check. He does the opposite of what I want to do.

I have decided to write the screenplay with 2 other writers so I am accountable. You see, another thing people try to do is change themselves. Seldom works. I know if I don’t convince someone else to go on this journey with me, I may stop again and make more excuses. I will also start putting up posts again. May not be as fictional as you’re used to getting in my space….we’ll just talk. 

Right now, I’m enroute PHC from Uyo but I got this post done….see I’m already figuring things out….multitasking and shii :). I miss Lagos like crazy and I know I’ll be back by July at the latest. To the photographer whose page got me here, I say sosongo(sp?)  (thank you in ibibio). Maybe we’ll meet someday, maybe we won’t but you have inspired me. I am excited to return to my first love and I look forward to less excuses and more conquests. Do you have a dream? Do you have a million reasons why you can’t achieve your dream? Find that one reason why you can and start from there. 

Be great.


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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4 Responses to Of Dreams and Excuses……..

  1. This. Was. Awesome

    Thank you :*

  2. Inem says:

    Oh yaaaaay! She is back…I did not go anywhere. This is really inspiring. Just keep the posts coming.

  3. Nene says:

    I read this and the line that hit me was ‘you are not a tree’. Well done Nono! I pray for the grace to to go all the way. I need this prayer too, lol!

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