Of Attitide and Ownership……

I can say I come in contact with about 100 people on a daily basis and one thing that stands true for everyone I meet is that success is best achieved when two things come together….a winning attitude and a high level of ownership. 

A winning attitude is something you cannot teach. When I work with people, I’m always particular about the attitude of the individual. Skill can be taught. We have many people today who wait for external reasons to deliver on certain objectives. There is always a reason why things aren’t working. This is a key reason why many people aren’t successful. When I say success, I am not referring to monetary success. I mean success in general….be it weightloss, riding a bike, learning how to make hair etc….you will seldom have everything at 100%. Your ability to make the most out of all circumstances will determine your level of success.

Ownership is key to every success story. You need to first and foremost be your own driver. External people/circumstances can motivate you but if you do not own that task, you will not do all you possibly can to succeed. I love talking to my team about ownership because it is very common to see people do “eye service” and less than adequate work behind the excuse of “after all it’s not my fathers business”. 

We forget that life is hugely dependent on referrals. The people who can make things change for you will only do so when they know without a reasonable doubt that you will deliver (I am excluding cases of who your father knows but even then, you will seldom be given important work unless you can deliver). It’s funny but I realised this some days ago when I was recommended for something random because of my performance on something else (can you tell I’m bring cryptic? lol). Even your best friend will not want you on something critical when you’re known to have a lack of ownership and a terrible attitude….

I always ask people who come to me with problems to recommend a solution. I value thinkers. Complainers are a dime a dozen. The question remains “what have you done within your circle of influence?” It may not be perfect, but it shows me that you have ownership and a winning attitude. 

I currently manage three different teams of 20+ per team and the people I rank top of my team are those who go out of their way regardless of the working conditions to deliver. This is the same for most people. Very few things are as awesome as being valued for your contribution. No one will value you if you consistently find faults with no solutions. Always strive to be irreplaceable….ALWAYS!!!!

Be great,


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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