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I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).

Half empty or Half full???

The two friends sat under the mango tree in their usual spot watching as people went by. A baby could be heard crying in the distance as he sought some attention from his mother. Occasionally, a molue (bus) went by … Continue reading

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This Christmas

Happy new year guys! Unfortunately things have been less than happy in the country recently but hopefully we’ll get a welcome result soon. So I’ve been in a terrible rut where writing is concerned and I stumbled on a writing … Continue reading

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Hey guys! How’s everyone been? Yea I know its been ages but I’m back at least for the holiday period. The piece I’m about to share was written by me for a series going on right now on a friend’s … Continue reading

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Hey guys! Yea I know it feels like I’m on some kind of hiatus but really it’s not on purpose. I’m just mad busy and so tired at the end of the day, its really hard to think. Getting my … Continue reading

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EPOCH: Episode 2: Reminiscing…

*the sound of a woman sobbing loudly can be heard a few blocks away* Emem had been crying for about three hours now and walking aimlessly. Her landlord had thrown her out of her house that morning because a company … Continue reading

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Hello guys! I know my next post on my blog(AKA this post) is supposed to be my own version of the last SYTYC and fret not, you’ll still have it but alas EPOCH broke out of my medula first. Its … Continue reading

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So You Think You Can Think(4)

Heyyy guys!!!!!!!! I’m guessing by now we all know what SYTYCT is all about. Incase you don’t, its just a way to test your creative prowess. You’ll be given a random part of a story and its up to you … Continue reading

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