We are halfway!!! kinda…

We Nigerians have the uncanny ability of avoiding trouble/wahala(whichever speaks to you). I call it uncanny because some races can’t seem to get enough of this so called trouble(names withheld). I mean we cannot be serial killers, wild life enthusiasts, war starters and the like(you should get my drift). I mean Mutallab has been disowned so he doesn’t really count :p and which Nigerian would you ever find telling the lion to be calm or the snake it’s being a good boy. Believe me, we are curious. What??? We always want to know. If someone is being beaten, everyone’s neck is pointing towards that direction. Some brave ones are even physically present. I mean its someone else’s demise innit?? We are completely comfortable being passers-by. Now at the sound of any attack towards our person, we flee. I mean Kenyan runners ain’t got nothing on us. Nobody wants to know who started so called commotion. We will be curious after we’ve gotten to a safe location. If you doubt me, try it. Make a loud startling noise in the presence of a bunch of Nigerians and watch all hell break loose. Another thing we do is follow the crowd. Let’s say some commotion happened at surulere, people in ikeja are running. Best believe that lol. Err…..*cough* for every *cough* rule *cough* there are *cough* exceptions *cough* 🙂

Its a new month. We are halfway!! Kinda… 6th month baby!!! I’m grateful for being alive till this day. I’m sure you are too. Let’s continue to stay clear of trouble and make sure we only call to find out what happened when we are kilometers away. Stay safe. Peace!!! 🙂

PS: Next month is my birth month. *now rubbing palms in anticipation :D*


About Nono

I consider myself an artist who has no need for paint. In love with creativity. Welcome to my canvas :).
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6 Responses to We are halfway!!! kinda…

  1. nice..lool @ the surulere–ikeja ish nono..lol

  2. Valerie says:

    mad woman!! Who no wan run?? Lol.. Nigerians are too much joh!And Oh yeh.. happy New Month!! :pp

  3. prettychick says:

    well written!!! u hit d nail right on the head.. Nigerians are really Cowards!!! me included.. i've meaning 2 write sumfin lyk dis.. bt i've bin so lazy.. dn't ve d ginga 2 update my blog..

  4. prettychick says:

    4gt 2 add dt dis is my mnth.. send me my b-day present o.. u knw wt i wnt nw.. it starts with a B… LOL

  5. Tunji says:

    nice, the halfway message and 'stay alive' theme

  6. Kevin says:

    Nice…Thank God for his mercies oh…Very peculiar of nigerians lol…

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